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Breath of life...feed the fire...

Breath brings life... God took dust from the earth and with the breath of life  formed man. ( Genesis 2:7 ) He also provided the  breath of life  to bring dry bones in the valley to life. ( Ezekial 37:9   - 10 ) Are you asking how we get the  breath of life ? It is easy. You read His word. It is our  breath of life . It will cleanse the soul, mend the heart, strengthen us emotionally, etc. The power of the living Word is beyond limitation as we know it. It will cause a fire to burn within us, feeding our passions ans desires that are God given. Once that fire is ignited you then need to feed the fire. One way of doing so is to live life with godly people. Keep them close and dear. Share your struggles so they can support you through prayer. Share you successes so they can rejoice and praise with you! This is one of many ways to feed the fire. I for one am very grateful for the people I have had brought into my life through divine appointments over the last two to three months.