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Placenta to the excision of training wheels...

Whereas most individuals would put this as their first post, well my abnormal self decided to do it On Christmas Eve of 1975 I decided to join this wonderful world and was born in Amarillo, TX. This caused my mother to miss Christmas (Or at least spend it in the hospital); mothers were in hospitals longer than they are now for you young whippersnappers that are perplexed. I am hoping that my arrival was enough to assuage that fact. I know that my impeccable timing was propitious for everyone else in my life whereas they would only have to buy me one gift annually if they so chose...LOL. I will now have to fast forward to the age of three whereas I do not remember much between birth and three. I need to bust out the reel-to-reel and I might learn something! Anyway, I digress, at the age of three my father, mother, older sister, and I relocated to Midland, TX. If you do not know where Midland is or have never heard of it then go to your local BlockBuster and pick up

Are you living life?

This is well worth the 12 minutes of time you will spend watching. If you are "too busy" I urge you to come back when you have the time.


It is wonderful how a cats nescience of the need for humans to get a good nights rest can lead to my My mother is out of town so needless to say her feline friend is in much need of attention. He found it necessary to be all in my face and purring like a monster of sorts throughout the night. Finally at around 6:00 AM I decided that I my as well get Just thought I would share, although I am sure that you are all sleeping.

superfluous amounts of information....

about myself can be found here: for those that have nothing better to

Lack of emolument...

It is frustrating but necessary at this time in my life. I was the one that decided to move and start anew all over again. Due to lack of interest I will be going to a proven staffing agency next week in order to get some "others" working on finding employment for myself in addition to my attempts. I realize that this was an incredibly boring post to read and for that I do apologize if you just wasted time in doing

Nostalgia ...

There are many different definitions to the aforementioned word used in the title of this post. I am opting to go with the one that has to do with having a positive feeling in reference to a previous time in your life. That current state of nostalgia for me would be the days when I had a As much am I am enjoying the time I have had to work on getting myself back to a state of good physical health; I repine the additional time that I have on my hands as it is getting to be a bit much. However, I realize that I have to be patient and that the right job will come along. Besides to be realistic, I have only been looking for work for about two weeks...LMAO. The best news of all is that I have been successful in not smoking ( I have cheated a couple of times when drinking...but I rationalize that to, I am also feeling better physically than I have in well over a year. My back is feeling better than it has in several months as well. I have not had a migraine

Random juxtaposition...

just yet another random thought that I had as I was recently driving on my extended road trip to move back to Texas from Virginia...where I had spent the last 18 months of my life. We can spend billions of dollars on the war yet a much lesser amount is spent on trying to lower emissions and become a more "green" nation. (Let it be known that I am not one who believes that is a feasible to simply pull all of our troops out at this I think that one idea (that would cost a pretty penny) would be to build a mass transit system upgrading our traditional railroad system. It would be run on solar power and used to transport goods as opposed to all of the tractor trailers that are currently on the roadways clogging traffic, obstructing distant views of would be "defensive drivers", pumping out incredibly large amounts of emissions, etc. ( I could go on and on as to the damage being done on an hourly basis by our current transport system. Now I know if any truck

Get a grip!

Woohooo! I went rock climbing earlier today and boy am I already However, they were good times; I spent about an hour climbing up miscellaneous walls. I would have loved to have spent more time there but after a few trips (five and up the walls my forearms and grip were not willing to spend more time doing I hope to buildup more endurance over time and will focus on strengthening my forearms and gripping muscles in order to increase my endurance on those areas. I have some more exercises to do for today and then I will spend some time resting....ahhh relaxation. I hope that everyone else is having as wonderful a Friday as I am! Until next time "Get a grip" LOL

In the beginning... (Merged from previous blog location)

well I have been reading my friend Amanda's LJ journal for a very long time now and just found another to indulge upon today. Thus U have decided that I will finally begin to post in I could be mistaken but Amber may be the only person that even knows that I am on LJ. Due to the aforementioned I would bet that I could potentially be writing this for me, myself, and For those of you that do not know I am literally laughing out loud because I find this ridiculous, but I will continue. OK for those that do not know me I was born and raise din TX, moved to OK for four years, then back to TX, then to CA....from there I went to VA and I am now back in TX in the Dallas/Fort worth area. I have been to or driven through all southern states with exception to North and South Carolina. I had intended to drive through them when moving back to TX earlier this month but decided I wanted to take the shortest/fastest route. Since moving back here I ha