Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dispirited region...

I feel like an addict and The Weather Channel is my drug. (For any confused individuals out there I am not making a joke, I have friends in the path of the destruction named Ike.) As the sun will rise today, there will be the daunting task of rescue efforts for those that did not heed the warning to leave prior to the arrival of this unforgiving storm. I am still amazed at the number of people that refused to leave their homes. I live more than 300 miles inland from where Ike made landfall and I am fearful of what we will encounter here in this area over the next 24 - 36 hours. Even being so far inland, flash flooding and squalls are imminent. I know that in the coming weeks there will be a number of mendicants in the region. (Not to sound like a broken record) but even being more than 300 miles inland I must admit that even I am concerned that there will be severe damage here once Ike arrives. I could even envision the tree in my front yard (at least what is left of it) to finally give way; and I can only hope and pray that it does not cause any destruction to the house. For anyone that has not followed the storm as closely as myself, the strength of the storm has been much more severe as the second wave has made landfall beyond the eye. There will be much intercessory prayer over the next few hours/days. I just hope to hear minimal numbers on the death toll.

UPDATE (6:37 AM CST): I just heard that people are calling in to agencies stating that there was a "weak warning" about Ike. SERIOUSLY? How much more warning can you provide to the residents in the path of such a destructive force other than "certain death" and "leave or die". What has this world come to that there is such a lack of accountability? It truly turns my stomach! It seems to be so common now that people will bitch and complain about consequences from their own actions (or lack thereof) yet never take responsibility for it. They want to blame everyone else. In my opinion that just shows how weak those individuals are if they are controlled by everything around them and for that I have no empathy. 

Friday, September 12, 2008

Disconcerting conversations and actions...

this post will be abnormal...just as I myself am.

Let me start with the subject line of a spam message I saw in my spam box before deleting them all. It read "Ola? My tits wait you here" Seriously? WTF does that mean?

...moving on...

Next is a conversation I overheard that I truly wish I had not. While I was awaiting a microwavable delight for munch yesterday I heard some employees within my company talking. The part of that conversation that I found so disturbing was this:
Female: "Yes, I am trying to lose weight in a serious way."
Male: "Oh yeah Halloween is coming."
Female: "Exactly, I have to lose 12 pounds before then!"

Again...WTF? I mean I personally (as a male) love any holiday where women like to dress in a provocative manner. But seriously? A diet program just for a slutty Halloween costume? I think I have heard it all now.

...moving on...

Now onto what I find the most difficult to comprehend. When the government and news channels repeatedly relay messages of moribund in relation to landfall of hurricane Ike...why are so many people not adhering to the mandatory evacuation? I realize that evacuating is expensive, a pain in the ass, and an overall nuisance. However, a home can be rebuilt...your life can not. Death is the end of it all. I know that oftentimes throughout history there are evacuations called for and then minimal damage. But have they not seen the radar and satellite images of Ike? These "brave" citizens are just loony in my book. Let me clarify, I know military, police, weather men & women have a job to do but regular citizens need to get the hell out of there. when phrases are used such as "leave or die" and "certain death" among others are used it is time to leave people. The sea wall that is in the Galveston area was built prior to 1904 after 6,000 - 8,000 were killed.

I suppose at this point all we can do is pray for those still in the area.

Thanks for reading just had to get that off my chest. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Below is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago. I just ran across it and thought I would share. 

Life is like a roller coaster,

moving up and down. 

One year you may have it all, 

the next you almost drown.


Will it be good or bad times, 

you just can't tell.

Sometimes you will succeed,

and other times you'll fail. 


Do your surroundings make you happy, 

or do they make you sad?

Can things get going good,

or will they continue to be bad?

Just what the future holds,

you will never know.

Just remember this one thing...

What you reap is what you sow.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mental strangulation....

As you can probably tell I have been experiencing a bit of writer's block as of late. Not that my good days produce exceelent posts here...LOL Anyway to fill some time I have compelted a stupid survey for youa ll to read. 

Is smoki​ng one of your turn offs?​
Well, it certainly does not turn me on but I can think of worse habits to have. 

Would​ you ever consi​der havin​g an onlin​e relat​ionsh​ip?​

No I like the real world! 

Do you like the song 'I Kisse​d A Girl'​ by Katy Perry​?​
Never heard it until last week...I would not purchase for my iPod but it is OK I suppose. 

Do you liste​n to your frien​d'​s advic​e when they give it to you?
I always listen, whether or not I follow it is another story. LOL

What'​s the last kind of soup you ate?
Broccoli and Cheese...mmmm

Does it gross​ you out when girls​ don'​t shave​ their​ legs/​armpi​ts?​
Depends on the situation...have they missed a few days or do they resemble primates?

What'​s so great​ about​ the Jonas​ Broth​ers?​
Nothing...they are people jst like you and I. 

Do you curre​ntly have a sunbu​rn?​
I thought that required being in the one I know with a pool invites me over!

Could​ you eat nothi​ng but grill​ed chees​e for a week strai​ght?​
I would prefer not to but of course I could. In fact I love grilled cheese but a full week? 

Who'​s your favor​ite count​ry singe​r?​
Johnny Cash or The Eagles

What color​ was the last drink​ you consu​med?​
Clear (or colorless)

Have your paren​ts ever told you that you could​n'​t hang out with a certa​in perso​n?​
I was going to reply with who's parents have not said this but...look at our world now I am sure it happens more than I would like to think. 

Could​ you last an hour witho​ut talki​ng?​

Whats​ the longe​st you'​ve been hospi​taliz​ed?​
I believe when I got tubes in my ears when I was a wee little lad.

Were you happy​ when you woke up today​
I am happy when I wake up every day. 

What are you liste​ning to right​ now?
It sounds like Rudi Giuliani...TV is in the other room. 

Do you like anyon​e right​ now?
If I did not like anyone right now I would not be very happy when I woke up in the morning now would I?

Who was the last perso​n calle​d you?
Due to terrible grammar here I will assume they meant called me on my phone...that would be my baby's momma!

Has anyon​e told you they misse​d you latel​y?​
I have been told I was "missed" but I am not sure anyone has ever told me they "missed me lately" LOL

Are you a Holli​ster/​Aberc​rombi​e kind of perso​n?​
Although I have never owned or even worn it I would still say yes. One day I may own some...especially if I find it at Ross or Goodwill.

Have you ever liked​ someo​ne who all your frien​ds hated​?
ALL my friends? Umm if I liked that person would they not be my friend? If they hate themselves then I need new friends. 

Have any inter​estin​g conve​rsati​ons latel​y?​
But of to hear them? I did not think so. 

What alway​s makes​ you feel bette​r when you’r​e upset​?​
Slowing down to truly count my blessings. 

What do you wake up to every​day?​
It varies...

Who was the last perso​n to leave​ you a voice​mail?​
Martha Strain calling about the upcoming Mega Reunion at my high school.

How do you feel right​ now?
Getting very sleepy

Do you find it in your heart​ to forgi​ve?​
With God's strength I do!

Anyth​ing you'​re looki​ng forwa​rd to?
An upcoming trip to spend time with my son and his mother, beginning my new position, going to the gym, God and Coffee in the morning, the list could go on and on...I can not even count all of my blessings...the number is far too grreat!

Do you think​ you will be in a relat​ionsh​ip three​ month​s from now?
I do...

Are you curre​ntly wanti​ng any pierc​ings or tatto​os?​
Not at this exact moment no...technically that is what currently means.

Do you have trust​ issue​s?​
Yes...I am far too trustworthy.

Are you open with your feeli​ngs to peopl​e?​
To a fault. 

What is your curre​nt annoy​ance?​
An itch on my back I can not reach...

Do you put ketch​up on top of your frenc​h fries​ or on the side?​
I do not use that vile substance on anything. 

Who are you curre​ntly talki​ng to?

Do you want to get marri​ed?
I do...​

Last perso​n you block​ed on MySpa​ce?​
I never have blocked anyone...unless you count anyone not on my friends list. 

Do you belie​ve in true love?​
As opposed to false love? I do...

When was the last time you were disap​point​ed?​
Not sure...probably earlier (I am very hard on myself)

Is anyth​ing happe​ning tomor​row?​
Life...what else do you need?

How are you feeli​ng latel​y?​
Healthy and alive! Oh and GRATEFUL!

Have you ever punch​ed someo​ne in the face?
Yes.....hey he was physically abusing his woman...what would you ahve done?

Last four texts​ in your phone​ are from:​
My bank, and three from Twitter.

What does the last text messa​ge you got say?
--A user has logged into your account.
That is right biatches...I get text when ther eis activity on my

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The anthropomorphic browser...

is what Google released today. I was so anxiously awaiting to get home and check this out. I must tell you that it is pure greatness. So you can go here to read about Google Chrome. Even better you can go here to download it. This thing loads faster than any other browser. I like the front page feature of making easy access to the most visitied sites as well. That is all for now, just check it out. I have personally already converted (even though it is in beta). The best part is, that everything from Firefox was imported in so once installed I literally did nothing but set my home page and set it as my default browser. Wah lah! I am finished and browsing faster than ever.

P.S. -
Below is a video with the engineers at Google explaining more about the new browser.

Despondent residents...

that must have been the feeling of many of the residents of New Orleans as they got shipped out of their, homes, neighborhoods, and cities for the second time in a matter a just a few years. But, we can say everything held up and the storms more southern path made things much less pervasive to the cities levy systems and flood zones. Let us just hope and pray that the newly developing storms will not build into destructive giants terrorizing all in their paths.

With that being said I am personally looking forward to the possibility of some storms here that will bring us more rain (and hopefully cool us back off after we have been creeping back into the high 90's and close to triple digits again).

As you can see here it should not be long before we get some wind/rain from this Gustav fellow! I am hoping by lunch time I am watching the rain come down from my desk.

P.S.- You can see Gustav is quickly moving further inland...this satellite image is only two hours beyond the previous one.

P.P.S. - Let us pray that Hanna, Ike, and the potential for (Josephine) find other paths to take to avoid the damage seen in the Caribbeans and our Gulf Coast!

P.P.P.S. - Twelve hours later..all I can say is Gustav is a tease!