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LEGALISM: How thinly do you slice the apple?

     So earlier today as I was checking out my feed on Google+ I ran across someone using Matthew 6:3 - 4  to be what I felt was condemning to Christians for participating in the ice bucket challenge for ALS. It also had a link attached to a blog pointing out all the things the organization does to "violate Biblical ethics".      Now I agree that it is good to educate others on practices that may not align with your values and belief system, but at the same time this challenge has raised a lot of awareness and I would bet raised millions of dollars for a disease I have had ties to in my past. There is no known cure and it always  leads to death. Family members have to watch their loved ones deteriorate physically while their mental awareness remains intact. It is a horrible disease.      I am sure not everyone will agree with my opinion on the matter, but I think we need to be careful of being so judgmental and unwilling to do business with or support businesses and organ

Oneness Weekend...

       This last Friday evening and then Saturday we had a conference at my church entitled "oneness Weekend". At first glance many may believe this to be a marriage conference. It was not...or was it? We are called to be the bride of Christ and I can assure you after this last weekend I feel closer and deeper in relationship with Him than I did when I awakened Friday morning.      This all began Friday evening when J.T. Mlinarcik Began by giving a highly detailed medical account of what Christ went though on that bloody Sunday more than 2,000 years ago. By hearing it laid out by a medical professional it makes it all more tangible than just a story in a book. I have always known that it was much more brutal an experience than ever depicted by any movie or photo I have seen, but it still brings it to a new life.      All of this led me to realize that I could definitely suffer more for His glory. I am no different than most Americans where I can find myself whimpering

Weak progression...

     I have been consistently pursuing a healthier lifestyle for several months now. This includes but is not limited to: healthier eating, more exercise, more rest, and more "me" time. Aside from just feeling better, my primary motivation is to have better health in general for Andrew's sake. I know the time will come when I will get to spend more time with him and I am not getting any younger. I want the precious time I do get with him to be the best it can be. If he wants to go to the park for four hours I want to be able to "hang" with him. As he gets older he will likely get into other sports or active lifestyle hobbies and I want to be able to do those things with him.      The progress I have seen in 2014 has been tremendous. It is a direct result of my dedication and consistency. This is also helping my finances, the gym comes out to approximately a dollar a day and so I can redirect money from other "entertainment" activities to chip away at