Friday, December 31, 2010

Now you see me, now you don't...

Due to not being aware of any true encounter with God in life, many individuals have allowed doubt and lack of faith creep into their lives. Oftentimes I have heard, if there is a God I would see Him. I could just say look around, but that will be for another post another time. Do you really have to see something to believe in it? True faith that something exists is what I am talking about.

Do you believe in snow?  Do you believe in the sun? Do you believe there is blood pumping through your veins? Seriously...when it is 106° outside do you still believe in snow? When the darkness of night overtakes the atmosphere do you still believe in the sun? When there are no lacerations, abrasions, or any other open wounds on your skin do you still believe there is blood pumping through your veins?

Now I know what some of you may be saying..."I have seen all those before, I have never seen God." OK you got me...or did you?

Have you ever seen the process of a tree becoming paper? Have you ever seen the formation of a kidney stone? No?

Then kidney stones must be fictional right? Paper surely does not come from trees, it must just appear as paper.

I think you get the point...just think about it, pray about it.

Until next year.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Krystal Finish Car Wash...are you parked in the garage or are you doing what you were created for?

This morning I went to the car wash to remove from the hood of my car the unpleasantly large gift left by what was apparently a large flock of birds. TMI? Sorry.

Anyway...while I was using the high pressure thrust of the water to remove the aforementioned aerodynamic obstructions from my vehicle the Lord was showing me something about our own lives. As I washed the dirt and filth away I noticed several new blemishes from chips, to scratches, and scrapes in numerous areas. Whereas my initial reaction was one of lackluster emotions including frustration, disappointment, maybe even a dash of anger I quickly stopped to ask myself why.

Take every thought captive...

I know, I know. Some of you are now thinking that I have gone super-spiritual. Hear me out. What good does it do to have any negative emotions about something so minor? I get it, you pay tens of thousands of dollars for something and we are told to be good stewards of what God blesses us with. I get that. However, I have no control over what others do when parked next to my vehicle. Those emotions and thoughts can do no good! They are all negative!

Something else God spoke to me through this was that even the vehicles that have pristine bodies and look like new on the outside...well those same vehicles still have the same internal wear and tear from mileage, weather, and other elements that effect them. None of this can be avoided unless you leave your vehicle parked inside and never use it.

So what are you doing with your life? Are you parked safely in your garage?
Why not get out and do what you were designed to do? Even the most beautiful individuals in this world have junk on the inside. We ALL have suffered. We all have hurt. We all have endured losses. Even so you can still live in freedom and enjoy the beautiful world which we have been given. So stop trying to look so good. Find your group of friends with which you can be transparent and honest and talk about the junk on the inside. That is the only way you will truly ever find healing. That is what Jesus died on the cross for, why He came to earth in the form of man. He understands and He wants to heal and restore our hearts and souls.

That is all I have to say....