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Two weeks...

So much can happen in two weeks. In the last two weeks I have been transformed from a scruffy mountain man look to a clean shaven military look. In the last two weeks I have seen over a hundred teenage lives changed: from freedom from depression, to healing from father wounds, to forgiving those that have hurt them in the past...just to name a few. In the last weeks the weather has gone from a mild 80s to scorching heat in the 100s. But none of that is why I have brushed the dust off my blog to write this. Two weeks ago I went into work early in the morning as I do most days to be greeted by my colleague whose office is next door to mine upon her arrival. I know she had been in pain for quite some time. The doctors advised her she had a strained back and gave her some pain killers. Later in the week she was in excruciating pain so she went in to get checked out...again. This time they found something more. I shall not elaborate... As of approximately 30 minutes ago this s