Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pilgrim Pride or Humble Pie

As this Thanksgiving day is rapidly coming to a close I have been reflecting on the last year. It has been the most amazing year of my entire life. The physical and emotional healing that God has done in my life would have previously been unimaginable had you asked me one year ago. The emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual, and yes even physical growth I have experienced over the last year has been miraculous as you consider where I have been in life. At this point in my life I could give you a long list of current circumstances in my life that would have had me stressed, worried, angry, and bitter (just to name a few) just twelve months ago. In fact, my overall circumstances in life were much better than they currently are and I still allowed many of the aforementioned emotions and feelings to control my life at this time last year. However, today I can say I am joyful and at peace with myself and my life. I am also being used daily to impact peoples lives in incredibly positive ways. With all that being said you might say that I would have every right to be proud...

I disagree.

I am utterly and completely humbled. All this is a result of my dying to myself daily and surrendering my life to Christ. I finally have a thorough understanding of giving up complete control to Him. Finances, time, relationships, emotions....I mean everything. Do I do this every minute of every day? I try...yet I am human. At times my flesh takes over but, the key to it all is intentionally correct this as soon as you become aware. Take every thought captive. It takes radical obedience. As a result, I am shown very often the the positive impact I am having on the lives of those I come in contact with. ALL if this is only possible by my surrendering to God and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and direct my thoughts and actions.

...and that my friends is why I choose to eat humble pie rather than walk with pilgrim pride, because NONE of this is possible on my own. So today I am thankful first and foremost for the grace and mercy of our God and the work Jesus did to save my soul.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I know it is daunting...

Have you ever been faced with the daunting task of restoring something that is old, rundown, falling apart? Something that is in the poorest condition after years of abuse and being misused? Was it discouraging just thinking about it? I can relate. Sometimes we never complete the task...maybe we never even start the task.

Well, I am here to talk about something that was abused, mistreated, malnourished, etc. All of this went on for well over a decade. Can you imagine the condition of something after more than ten years of this? How do you view that looking, feeling, projecting to others?

You know what that something is? My soul...

For years sexual immorality, drugs, alcohol, gossip, slander, manipulation, tearing others down, making fun, etc. These are the things I was doing and/or exposed to for over ten years. The very thing that is a gift to us all I abused. I filled it with lust, lasciviousness, envying, revellings, etc. Corrupting my soul to the point of disgust...

However, you know what? There is someone that took on the task of restoring my soul. No band aids, no layers of paint to cover it up....true and actual restoration. That is amazing! Where I am today is amazing. In fact I am lucky to not be dead. There were times in my past where I mixed three or more drugs together of which just one has killed individuals in the past. There were times when my sexual immorality was that of epic proportion that would disgust most know what? None of that matters. I have been restored.

God is amazing and mighty to love us all so much that our sin can not compare to His grace and mercy.