Monday, August 25, 2008

Parochial assent...

that is what I made with God approximately nine months ago. At that time I was alone, depressed, miserable, bored, disgusted with myself and although making the most money I had ever made in my life I was empty. So I made an elementary commitment to begin to live a better life. That takes an immense amount of discipline.
Culture of Discipline
1. Disciplined people
2. Disciplined thought
3. Disciplined action
The combination of those three things will inevitably lead to Great Performance.

You have to do this in all aspects of life. Your relationships, your job, your family, friendships, etc. This can be a struggle. especially in this day and age where we all have become so "busy" that we have trouble finding the time to do the things we know we need to. This is where we begin to fail. We have become slaves to time. We are the only ones that control what we do, how we do it, and more importantly when we do it. For those may be saying "God controls it" control it. However, God will bless us if we do things as he wishes us to do. How about this:

Colossians 3:23 - Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.

That is exactly what I have been doing. I started a new job through a staffing agency at the beginning of July. The pay is low, I get screamed and cursed at most of the day, and there are some individuals there which seem to be on vacation rather than at work. With all of that going on I continued to do just as we were told in the aforementioned scripture. I went in doing the best that I could, day in and day out. I did not worry about anyone else and what they were doing (unless they asked for my assistance or advice). I started work on time, took my allowed breaks as given, and worked overtime on occasion to go above and beyond (and I did all of this joyfully). The entire time I have thanked God every morning for the job and for giving me strength, wisdom, and courage to be the best I can be from the beginning of my shift until the end. All of this resulted in my production being higher than anyone else within our department. Remember I am new and I am working with individuals, some of which have been there for several years now. Non-believers may be saying that it is coincidence. That is fine, I can not force you to believe. However, I can be the expert witness that I am and advise you that all of my hard work and faith have now paid off.

Here are a few facts: On average most individuals (of the few that last) work there for nine months to a year before being hired on as a permanent employee. After only four weeks I was notified that I had received a raise based on my performance. Not a huge raise, but a raise none-the-less. Last week (on Monday) I received a call from another department within the company calling me in response to my resume that I had posted online. It was for a permanent job within the company. Thursday I interviewed and today I got the call that I have in fact been offered the job (informally). They are drafting the offer letter and have to work out the details of buying out my contract with the staffing agency.

So now you tell me...

Was this just a result of my hard work and diligence or are God's fingerprints all over this scenario. I think you know where I stand.

P.S. - "You can accomplish anything in life, provided you do not mind who gets the credit." - Harry S. Truman

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Injurious lack of support for alternatives...

Here is some food for thought.

Now I already know some responses will be with everything negative or why it will not work. Well let me ask you this...
Additionally, I can already hear the corn argument about how it takes away from the dinner table..and you know what you are right. But we could easily use switchgrass. If you do not know much about switchgrass, I would highly encourage you do to some research on it.

Have you found the perfect plan? I did not think so. Why? Because "the perfect plan" does not exist. Now let us stop arguing and being part of th problem and let us begin to be part of the solution as a few of the regulars to this thread are and have been doing for quite some time now. I also want to know how many of you that will read this have ever contacted your congressman?

In the meantime we continue to send this nations riches to other countries and be their slave (in a sense of the word).

Did you know that Henry Ford's Model T (1908 - 1927) was the first flex fuel vehicle ever produced? The carburetor was specially designed so that the settings could be adjusted so the engine could run on either alcohol or gasoline. Why did this stop in 1927? Because of cheaper alternatives (oil and gas). Well, that is no longer the case.

Our government needs to have funding and subsidies put into place to assist the research and development of these alternatives. (Not to mention education which would have a positive lasting impact on everything in this nation over time.)

WOAH! I will step off my soapbox for now. This post will likely confuse some anyway the way I jumped around. But the brain works exponentially faster than my fingers.

P.S. - Not sure where this all came

Self-effacing nepotism...

may not seem to go together very well but that is where I am currently at in life. I have always been one to be the life of the party and will admit that I have a slight case of narcissism. However, when I discovered that I have a son it truly changed everything. It changed my attitude of life, my goals and aspirations, and most importantly my day to day actions.

Many still inquire when I tell them about the last three years that I have missed out on. I continue to tell them it is of the past and can not be changed. I make them aware that I am focusing on the present and what needs to be done to be there and have a positive impact on my sons life in the future. The present is all we can truly control and the choices we make now will obviously control consequences and many circumstances we experience in the future.

I also am grateful for how wonderful a job his mother has done in raising him thus far. He is very polite, happy, and respectful. How do I know this? (you ask) Well, I have spent much time on the phone with both him and his mother. I am also sure she will appreciate my being in his life so that she can subside from forced animus.

All in all the most difficult part of all of this is to resist the temptation to be prescient in what will be.

Many also ask me if I am nervous about being a father. I tel them that amazingly there is not one ounce of nervousness but rather rather complete excitement. God works in amazing ways and I have had wonderful relationships in the past that involved children albeit none of them were biologically mine. Well, finally by the grace of God that time is now here and I am excited and grateful to have a beautiful, healthy son to which I can be a father. Besides I intend to be fully disciplined and adaptable throughout the process to be the best father I can be. I want to help to develop the best man I can out of my offspring.

A disciplined person that is disciplined in thought and then executes disciplined actions will always have a great performance. That my friends is what I fully intend to do. With that being said I will acquiesce to all other in order to have my son among the top priorities in my life. I love you son!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Defying nepotism...

no need to show favoritism when it has not been earned. Often times it could simply be the result of a miscommunication or even a language barrier. At times things could even be purified unintentionally which would create an avenue for great untapped resources for which are stumbled across by pure accident. Now you may ask what this post is about or what it means...
Hell I do not know!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Universe is big, What an awesome God!

THIS is really fascinating - it's rather dazzling to see it presented this way.








yet, Someone
knows how many hairs are on your head,
and not
even a single sparrow dies apart from His
will (Mt. 10:29-31)!





Perseverance, Patience, and dealing with adversity...

is a difficult thing. The key is not letting those difficulties become pervasive; which I myself have difficulty in that department. Is it normal? Am I weak? Who knows.

Many of you that know me; know that I am an optimist and usually very cheery. The problem with being like I am is that when I do have a bad/tough day it can be severely misconstrued by those I come in contact with. They may feel I am ignoring them, I am angry with them, or whatever else the minds of individuals can create.

But through it all I have God and my son to keep me going! And his mother has been absolutely amazing through this all and it will not be long before we can all be closer and show Andrew what family is and should be.

Erroneous fame...

well the day has come when my blog was actually featured somewhere. WOW. See what happens when you finally write something that reads well and is actually worth posting? I truly wish I could write easily read entries on a daily basis. But hey just getting featured gave me something to write about.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Antiquated joy...oxymoron? Absolutely!

I often times hear friends, family, colleagues, etc. all complaining about how bad life is and that "back in the day" they were happy. I used to have this same mindset. But, is it not true that we are the only ones that have the power to choose our attitude and emotions? We are in control whether you realize it or not. We can not continue to blame our poor management, or the abusive ex, or even the idiot on the road in front of us. WE...I repeat WE choose how we react to every situation in life. Am I sitting here telling you that it is easy? HELL NO! It is one of the most difficult things in life. That is why you will hear individuals say suicide is the easy way is the hard part. Life is meant to be a challenge. If we we are not challenged on a daily basis would we not become stagnant in our development?
So joy, happiness, and all other goodness is ours to have. It is a fact that we may experience trials and tribulations in life...we may wind up homeless or unemployed and have to sell off everything we own. But you know what? You would still be alive. So instead of sulking and being depressed about our situation we need to be proactive in how we are going to pull ourselves out of it.

I would love to continue but I must get ready for work. I hope you all have blessed day!

Monday, August 11, 2008


well today was a good day. I slept in then went to my favorite Starbucks for my morning coffee. I then went to work on a day off for some overtime! YEAH! When I left work I came home changed and went to my gym and got a great workout in. When returning home I then called plenty of places which I needed to handle some financial business. I am trying to get everything lined up to begin paying down some debt while saving as much as possible. I would like to have some money for when I go meet my son for the first time next month! I also now intend to move back to California as soon as possible; which will also require some financial miracles.
Regardless of it all I got a lot done and feel very accomplished!

Track the Olympic games...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Arrogance or hubris...

can lead to injury. Now that I am a father I have to take mroe time studying the techings of safety. So please heed this warning well.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Paradoxical sleep...

WOW! What can I say? Last night I went to sleep somewhere between 11:00 and 11:30 PM. At approximately 3:00 AM I was awakened and realized I had a strong urge to use the I did. I then returned to bed as most individuals do at such a ridiculous time on a Saturday morning. Well, I could not get back to sleep. I continued to lie in bed with my eyes closed in total relaxation...

After about 45 minutes I finally realized that I was awake. So I figured I would get online and clean out my inbox since it had not been done since Monday. Added an entry to one of my other blogs with some comic relief. Then off to the gym I went around 5:30. I had a great workout that extended itself into the seventh hour of the day.

At this time you might be asking me how I came up with the title of this entry....bear with me here folks.

I was going to go to breakfast but for some reason I decided half way to my destination to come back home. Upon arrival I thought I would get back online. It was then that I became overwhelmingly tired. SO I went to lie down on the bed; right on top of the comforter and all. I dosed off for a while. Within a few minutes I got back up, turned off the light, and got cozy under the covers. At some point beyond 8:00 AM is when things got weird...

Whereas I have no idea how time works when in REM sleep I could not tell you the time but, I began to dream. Several (completely random) people from my church and one former co worker were all at the 24 Hour Fitness in a back room where I arrived for a home group. [Home group, for those that do not know, is just what my church uses to describe when groups fellowship outside of the church. It could be bible study, just hanging out, etc.] I come in being my usual social self saying my hellos, likely disrupting what they had going prior to my arrival (sorry)...I digress...

Next thing I know after some good times and fun conversation I go to leave. In the parking lot I find that my Toyota Camry that I drive had been broken into and badly vandalized. Initially I am ascetic; until further review. As I look over everything I begin to experience an array of emotions as most anyone would from such a hostile attack on ones personal property and belongings. I get into the car and then realize I need to call the police so I get back out shut the door and work on making sure everything is as it was when I discovered this atrocity. At this time a pick up truck pulls up and a shirtless man (looking as though high as a kite on meth-amphetamines) pulls up and tells me "I saw the guy, he was the one in the hat with the guys in gold".


He steps out of the truck and moves in closely, "I saw him...I know who it was."

"Well give me a pen and paper so i can write this down."

He halfway gets back into his truck and fumbles around until he finds a pad of paper and a pencil. The pad of paper was pink and unopened. That struck some curiosity in my part but I opened it and was ready to write. The man was getting uncomfortably close to me as though he was trying to dry hump my leg. I backed away and turned around to find my Camry had turned into a Budget rental truck!

(WTF is going on you ask? I have no idea.)

I can see that everything was taken except my college books and papers that I wrote. I then go back into the gym for assistance. Then things get foggy...I do not ever remember getting assistance and I then woke up. Now here I am writing about it. One of the even more significant things about this is that I rarely ever remember a dream. I sure wish I could interpret them.

Oh well...thanks for reading I am off to begin my day. I have a ton of chores to do. Maybe I should go by my storage today as well...

Just throwing in a little humor....