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     Perception of limits is so skewed; naturally by human nature. Such a negative connotation comes from boundaries, rules, regulations...whatever you can think of that is limiting in our world. Have you ever thought that without these limits life would be what was truly limited?      Percentages, time, symbols, language...all things created by man.      Are there truly limits?      Where do they begin?      Where do they end?      Distance...      Emotions...      Finances...     Honestly the list could go on. But how much of our "limits" are simply created by our own perception?      My perception tells me that my life over the last few months has been limited in many ways. Too many hours at work limit certain things. Allowing someone into your life far too rapidly to only have them vanish without a moments notice. Poor choices when exercising my free will. (Key word choices )      For weeks, maybe months I have felt as though I had not been hearing. In