Wednesday, November 30, 2011


     So today I had planned to go after work to the gym and then to church to volunteer with Mor which is our high school ministry. I have been highly involved in our Jr. High Ministry Amped for over a year and whereas I love all of our current students I do miss many that have moved on. I thought it would be good to "move on" with them and another great way to serve my King! Then last night an amazing woman God has placed in my life made the simple statement, "You do so much already, are you really going to commit to something else?"

     Throughout this day those words would occasionally visit me. So I decided to simply pray about it. I felt lead to simply go home and rest. Rest in the sense of relaxing in ways I find relaxing, not necessarily just taking a nap. The kind of rest God has been speaking to me about all of 2011. If you now me well you know I am kind of always going, going, going. Well, the words of wisdom I received last night sunk in my thick skull and I decided to have an evening of rest. In doing so I decided to go on a run whereas I have not run in well over a month now. I am cannot understand why, but it is something I have grown to enjoy. So run I did...I started out of my neighborhood and began to run along business 287 out side my neighborhood. Things were going well...listening to my iPod and enjoying the cooler weather. I felt amazingly good after such a long absence of this activity in my life. 

     As I turned around and was heading back home I was joyful...grateful for my job, my life as it goes. I have so much to be grateful for. Then it happened...the young punks that find others misery humorous. A truck goes by with three young adults inside and one of them throws out a half full beer can. Bear in mind this is an actual highway in a rural area. So they were traveling at minimum 50 mph. I had no time to react, before I could process anything I felt the impact of the can on my face. Its mass caving in to form the shape of my brow. A surreal moment of disbelief. 

     Once I had ascertained what had occurred I turned around, but the truck was far too distant to view the license plate number. Anger welled up inside my soul! Thoughts of being there again tomorrow to serve justice flowed through my mind. Many other thoughts came to mind as I was allowing my anger (my emotions) to lead my response. Then I realized I had better make sure I was OK. I felt around and no blood was seemingly present. I did my best to pull out my phone in a failed attempt to use it as a vanity mirror. I then decided to take a photograph of myself to view the damage. Not near as sever as circumstances could have allowed. Thankfully I serve a great, great God that is my protector. 

     It was in that moment I realized what had occurred. God truly had protected me from further damage. It was also in that moment I realized I had to forgive and move on. Pray for their souls. I am still in awe of how no more damage was done, but I can only give the credit to our God; whether he placed a protective angel there in that moment or just designed me with a hard head (spare the I am grateful. 

     It was also through the ensuing conversation with God I realized through forgiveness it opens the door to further redemption which He provided for us on the cross. I truly believe I further experienced the redeeming power of the cross this evening. Through forgiveness I further experienced the same redemption we have all been given. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Postprandial somnolence...

     This was a post I had intended to write on Thanksgiving; whereas it ties in well with the relaxed, tiresome state we often feel after our Thanksgiving meal. Something we often experience in the physical after eating a meal, but I believe we also have to be careful to not fall into this state in our Spiritual lives as well.

     For example, 2011 is a year where I have been blessed to have been fed more Spiritually than any other time in my life. I attribute some of this to my desire to grow closer to our sweet Lord, but another contributing factor is the people I have been blessed to have in my life that have challenged me to grow even more. Additionally, my home church is adamant about equipping others to be properly armed to go into battle for the souls of those within our circle of influence. 

     By pressing in and allowing God to use me I have had a bigger impact on the world than I could have ever imagined. The stories I hear others tell me of how God impacted their lives through me is truly humbling. None of this could be done on my own because honestly I am as much a screw up as the next guy. But God has done an amazing work in me that allows me to hear Him clearly and through obedience and surrender to His will I have had a the honor of furthering His kingdom. 

     With all that being said I want to finish this year off with a bang and forcefully move forward into 2012. October and November were months where I faltered at times (more so than the prior nine months), but it has been a learning experience that I choose to use to draw me closer to God. I refuse to let postprandial somnolence set in from from my massive Spiritual meal I have enjoyed up to this point. If nothing else this post was written for accountability. So for those of you in my life I give you permission to do just that...hold me accountable. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

In a days time...

The arising sun shines so bright,
Creating many smiles of great delight.
Hours go by and the day wears on,
All the casted shadows, they grow long.
Darkness then envelops the sky,
The adjustment inevitable within my eyes.

A lot occurs within that time,
Most of those actions worth but a dime.
I pray to God my actions each day,
Impact the eternal in a Godly way.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I have fallen and I can get up...

     So I realize I have not posted in here in several months. Other than some poetry a few weeks back. I assure you it has not been out of a lack of desire. Writing is so therapeutic and and I enjoy sharing whereas I know God may choose to use my writing to impact someones soul in a positive manner. I also realize when I was posting more often I was in a rough season showing true transparency on here. Well, you will be happy to know a renewed season of hope and joy followed those posts.

     Now onto present day life. Over the better portion of the year 2011 I have felt fantastic. My ministry to youth has exploded in so many ways and the best part is it has been effortless on my part. By making proper choices and being obedient God has done all the work. I am also physically healthier than I have likely ever been in my life which is incredible considering my past of sexual immorality, drugs, and alcohol. I find the link between our Spirits, minds, and bodies much greater than our western culture style of thinking would like to allow. As I have grown Spiritually in my relationship with our God my emotions and physical wellness has benefited exponentially.

     Anyway, I digress. This brings me to the present day season I am in. One of struggle, but due to the last year of my life my faith is so much stronger that I refuse to allow myself to go back down the dark paths of my past. I stumbled and I stumbled hard, but fortunately God brought some amazing people into my life over the last few weeks. He has and is speaking to me through these individuals without them even being aware until I share with them.

     At this point I am ready to get back in the race and run with all I have. When I stumbled I took myself out and I have been licking my wounds and seeking comfort in areas other than those of the Lord. The good news is I know how much of a screw-up everyone in the Bible was (with exception of Jesus) and they were all used in mighty ways. All it took was surrender. Once surrendered to His will then run with all your might.

     Below is a video I saw this morning that nearly brought me to tears and the timing of me seeing this could not have been more perfect. I hope it speaks to you as well.