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What did you call me?

Words...      They are powerful. More powerful than most want to admit. All of us at one time or another have had our feelings hurt by words. All of us at some point in our lives have been hurt by words and were at that time, and many of us still to this day, in denial.      Words are far more powerful than most will admit...redundant you say? I am just trying to get my point across. Before you begin judging me just know that maybe I am writing this post to myself. As "aware" as I like to think I am of the power of my words I need help in this area. Especially in the workplace.      For those of you that know me well, you know that not only am I very  social, but I love people. Now if any of my coworkers are reading this they may be thinking that this is a failed attempt at painting a picture of myself to the world that does not truly exist. If my family is reading this they may be saying I have a strange withdrawn way of showing my love. Hey I am human and I am growin

Wrung out...

Cleaning...      It is something I actually enjoy. I find it therapeutic. Of course as a male there is also that feeling of accomplishment and the ability to check a box on my to do list. The sponge...      I have always been fascinated by sponges. Primarily because when I was younger my father had natural sponges in the garage for when we washed the vehicles. I thought it was so cool that this porous and insanely absorbent thing was once alive in the sea! They also work much better for cleaning than man made sponges. They wipe away the dirt and absorb all the filth that obstructed the view of the cars natural look. That is when the time comes to wring out that sponge. Grabbing both ends; squeezing and twisting with all your might as you  in order to force all the dirty liquid from it in order to fill it back up with clean, soapy water to continue the job at hand.      This is the point I felt I had hit in my own life just a couple weeks ago. Poor decisions on my part and lack