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False presupposition...

Do you ever find yourself boasting about future events? Yeah me too. Should we? Absolutely not.  Should we faithfully plan for a better tomorrow for ourselves, our family, and friends? Absolutely. We should simply do so in humility, faith, and with much gratitude. The reason I write this is; what if you sustain a fatal bite from a viper ? I know what some of you may be saying...there are no vipers around me. Well more specifically it was a highly venomous snake that sank its fangs deep into his flesh and injected a fatal amount of poison. What did Paul do? He shook it off. Will you do the same if this occurred? Could your viper be a devastating tornado, drunk driver hitting you, or heart failure? Let's even tone it down a notch. What if your viper is losing your job, losing your home, losing your significant other... Will you allow that circumstance to gain control of your life or will you remain steadfast in thanking our Father for His inherent goodness? My intention here