What did you call me?


     They are powerful. More powerful than most want to admit. All of us at one time or another have had our feelings hurt by words. All of us at some point in our lives have been hurt by words and were at that time, and many of us still to this day, in denial.

     Words are far more powerful than most will admit...redundant you say? I am just trying to get my point across. Before you begin judging me just know that maybe I am writing this post to myself. As "aware" as I like to think I am of the power of my words I need help in this area. Especially in the workplace.

     For those of you that know me well, you know that not only am I very social, but I love people. Now if any of my coworkers are reading this they may be thinking that this is a failed attempt at painting a picture of myself to the world that does not truly exist. If my family is reading this they may be saying I have a strange withdrawn way of showing my love. Hey I am human and I am growing everyday. I have not been the best son, brother, nephew, grandson, cousin, father, etc. over the years. I have certainly not been a loving and encouraging coworker to everyone at my workplace. In fact you do not even have to use harsh words to hurt or put others in defensive mode. A condescending tone can do as much or more damage.

    Americans oftentimes thrive on sarcasm or "joking around". It needs to stop. You never know someones past. What if as a child they were picked on daily about their weight? What if their mother or father constantly teased them about their grades in school and how "stupid" they were. Those are the type of wounds that if not dealt with properly can have a lingering effect on people. One that even they may be unaware of. That statement you made when you were "joking around" could be salt in the wound. You may think that they should say something if it bothers them...well maybe they gave up on saying anything decades ago.

     What if we became more aware of our words? What if we spoke with more intentionality to others in our lives? What if we made it a point to be more encouraging to those within our circles of influence? Do you no believe that the world would be a better place? I do...



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