Going out of busyness...

Busyness.. Complexity... Honestly this list could go on and on...      We need to just simplify. How is it that we get so caught up in things that we allow our souls to get so cluttered. Makes me think of a quote from the movie The Brothers Bloom where one of the characters told the other she believed he was constipated in his soul. Too graphic for you? So sorry...welcome to my blog. #keepinitreal Public Service Announcement: I also do not condone the watching of the aforementioned movie if you are easily offended HA!      So for me in 2017 I want to simplify; allowing the simple things to keep me holding on. Life will be much easier. With all the clutter, the "constipation", it causes unnecessary stress and tension that can lead to a feeling of being lost. For me, it will also cause me to (figuratively) hold on to things so tightly that eventually I will lose my grip and free fall. Thus falling into a state in which further causes confusion and doubt, among many

Journaling for Self-Reflection

     Well, here we go with day three of my non-original content. Ironically, this post is  about journaling which could also be called blogging. I find it kind of humorous and I can assure you I had not read ahead so I had no idea this topic was coming. I guess I really should get back into this regularly writing gig haha      When you begin journaling and reflecting on yourself, you may experience the following benefits: Clarify your thoughts and feelings. Taking a few minutes to jot down your thoughts and emotions will quickly get you in touch with your internal world. Know yourself better. By writing regularly you will get to know what makes you feel happy and confident. You will also become clear about situations and people who are toxic for you — important information for your emotional well-being. Reduce stress. Writing about anger, sadness and other painful emotions helps to release the intensity of these feelings. By doing so you will feel calmer and better able to s

Mind-Body Wellness

     Good morning! This is day two of my non-original content I am posting that is coming from Just hoping, again, to inspire and educate at least one person on health and fitness.       I am hoping to begin writing again soon whereas I think we can all use an additional outlet. Anyway, I hope someone finds this information I am sharing today useful.  What is the mind-body connection?      Your mind and body are powerful allies. How you think can affect how you feel. And how you feel can affect your thinking.      An example of this mind-body connection is how your body responds to stress. Constant worry and stress over jobs, finances, or other problems can cause tense muscles, pain, headaches, and stomach problems. It may also lead to high blood pressure or other serious problems. footnote 1 ,  footnote 2      On the other hand, constant pain or a health problem like heart disease can affect your emotions. You might become depressed,

Get Regular Exercise for Mental Health

     So I realize that I have not posted anything to my blog in a very long time. Well, as you all know life gets in the way and the last few weeks/months I have just not been feeling like doing much of anything above and beyond just being. My next few posts are not original material, but I just thought I would share the information and maybe it will help or motivate someone.       Exercise is about more than keeping in shape. It also can help with your emotional and mental health. Exercise can help you improve your self-esteem, keep your mind off problems, and give you a sense of control. In general, people who are fit have less  anxiety ,  depression , and stress than people who are not active.      Research suggests that exercise can help specific mental health problems. Exercise may help prevent depression from coming back ( relapse ) and improve symptoms of mild depression. footnote 1 Be safe while you exercise      Moderate exercise is safe for most people, but it

YOU...yes you are so powerful!

     Believing, caring, encouragement, kindness, etc.      These aforementioned actions can change the world! Do you not believe me?Have you ever complimented someone to see them immediately light up with joy and gratitude? What if we were more consistent in this. Using our words to build up rather than tear down?      I would love if anyone reading this would commit to a 30 day challenge. Heck even just do it the remaining nine days of January and tell me what you see.      Keep in mind you are encouraged and welcome to go far above and beyond what I ask of you. However, if you choose you can start small as I lay out in the forthcoming sentences.     Choose one individual and tell them something encouraging everyday. This can be in person, via text, through a phone call, Hangout (or Facetime or Skype), or however you choose. Again if you choose more than one person, go for it! Or if you choose to encourage them numerous times per day, go for it!     Now watch the

The battle of July...

     So I just came out of a whirlwind of a near fantasy month. So amazing it is difficult to describe.      It began with the celebration of our freedom on Independence day weekend.  How can one not rejoice in a time as such. With everything going on in America many have lost hope, but hopelessness is not  what our nation was built upon. As Bono of U2 stated, America is not a country it is an idea. The definition of an idea is "a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action" or "the aim of purpose". It is ever evolving and whether you believe it or not we do maintain a certain level of control within the shaping of that idea. One thing we have to remember is that media thrives on the negative because they want ratings. They will use images and sounds to paint a picture to portray to the minds of the world in a way they feel will draw more people in and increase their ratings. Kind of sick, I know. But there is also so much good progress happening right

Catalytic synergy...

    You, yes you are created for greatness, but you are also built for relationship. Actually we all are, but for now let the focus be on you .     You have a calling, an intentional purpose in life. Stephen Covey says you want "to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy." Your calling is what you will do in life that fuels your passions and creates an environment of true accomplishment for you. The kind of accomplishments that impact the world...your legacy.      If you look throughout history at great men and women they all had the ability to get up when knocked down. You need to do that too and the more quickly you get up the better. You ever increase your risk of further pain or suffering the longer you stay down. Just look at giraffes; at birth the newborn baby giraffe will immediately begin the ever so challenging journey to its feet. What happens next? The mother will knock the newborn baby giraffe over. Seems cruel right? Well, it is actually a loving act o