Catalytic synergy...

    You, yes you are created for greatness, but you are also built for relationship. Actually we all are, but for now let the focus be on you.

    You have a calling, an intentional purpose in life. Stephen Covey says you want "to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy." Your calling is what you will do in life that fuels your passions and creates an environment of true accomplishment for you. The kind of accomplishments that impact the world...your legacy.

     If you look throughout history at great men and women they all had the ability to get up when knocked down. You need to do that too and the more quickly you get up the better. You ever increase your risk of further pain or suffering the longer you stay down. Just look at giraffes; at birth the newborn baby giraffe will immediately begin the ever so challenging journey to its feet. What happens next? The mother will knock the newborn baby giraffe over. Seems cruel right? Well, it is actually a loving act of the mother which is simply giving life lessons from birth of the importance of quickly getting back on its feet to avoid the many dangers in the world. This repeated act also builds strength to the point that eventually the baby giraffe can stand firm without falling over. The same can be said about butterflies. You may have heard the story of the young man that found the butterfly struggling for hours to escape the cocoon through the tiniest of holes. When it appeared as though it was close to death from exhaustion the young man cut open the cocoon. A day later the young man noticed that the butterfly still lie on the ground with a swollen body and dilapidated wings. What the young man was unaware of was that the struggle to push through the walls of the cocoon, was actually what built strength and pushed the fluids to fill the wings.

    OK so in typical Jeremy fashion I derailed from my purpose of this post, but I believe that was good supplemental information lol

     Anyway you need to be in relationship with others that are encouraging to you in order to reach your greatness and truly succeed. If you are on a team or in a workplace that is more discouraging than encouraging then you need to move on. Catalytic Synergy will guarantee this occurs. The Catalyst is Jesus and and the Synergy is relationship. With those two things aligned you will find your calling, gifting, anointing. You at a minimum, do one thing better than anyone else in the world. God designed you that way.

"You'll never succeed with people who devalue you." Bob Beaudine 
"Success is geographical; go where you're celebrated not where you're tolerated." - Bob Beaudine


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