Do YOU take it all for granted?

I have to be honest...more often than not I do. What will it take for us to learn? Personally, I believe I need another trip to a third world country as I did when I was 13 and I went to Peru. We get caught in this fictitious reality that the world is as WE see it. We have to realize that in the time you will read this post someone died from lack of clean water, someone else is waking up in their home because it is raining on them due to having no roof, someone else is being beaten (possibly to death) because they chose a religious view contradictory to what their government feels is "acceptable"...
All of this being done while companies and organizations that could help to solve and/or eliminate these problems spend millions (and some billions) of dollars advertising in hopes of making more profit. It simply does not make sense to me....but some of you will say "who cares". I do...
Additionally, while you are reading this there are Americans putting their lives on the line to keep us safe and free. Soldiers in other nations; police officers, paramedics, and firemen in your own city; and possibly even your own father/brother/husband in your own household.
On this historic day we need to all think about where we are and what we have placed as priorities in our life. I am as guilty as the next person so let us take the time to really consider what we do to make a positive difference in the lives of those we come in contact with and others worldwide. Instead of spending numerous hours on social networking sites could you volunteer your time to those in need...or even read a book/magazine/newspaper to better educate yourself in something to make a difference.
...anyway I am beginning to ramble on a soapbox...the point of this post is an attempt to get us all to really look within ourselves and see if we are truly doing our part to make changes. We may all have complaints about our nation, but watch this video and tell me if you truly believe we have it so badly.


Unknown said…
First of all. Amazing writing! Yea, I'm convicted. Thinking of the Prayer of me not cause pain, expand my horizons. Although I struggle, about a year ago I started making changes to focus less on self and more on others and God has honored that but it changed my perspective and brought joy as well as helping others . Isn't that how it's suppose to be. we have lost our sense of community as people strives for a dollar and lives in self protective mode. I'm just sayin'
ImNoBetterThanU said…
Thank you for the compliment René. I used to write more often, but have had a bad case of writers block for several months now.

I too seem to be failing miserably in acting positively to all those I come in contact with. It is a struggle, but I have made great improvements in my character due to my surrendering to God. I just have to remember that it takes time to completely rewrite a program.

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