Semblance of consistency...

It is difficult for us as humans to understand the timing of occurrences and circumstances in our life. Our God is far above our concept of time to a point that is impossible to comprehend. One of the biggest challenges, especially when going through a rough season or various trials, is to keep an eternal perspective.

We may view something over a period of a few weeks as not to our liking, but as we allow more time to unfold what we initially viewed as insufficient could in fact become overwhelming. For example, look at the stock market. Just a few months ago many individuals (even "experts") were claiming that the stock market had breathed it final breath. Well, just look at the line graph of the stock market over an extended period of time. It is cyclical in nature and (depending on how much longer we are on this earth) it will likely drop immensely again. The same thing occurs if you are running reports at your job to view trends. When the reports first begin, things will be skewed tremendously by simple actions.

Let us use the following as another example. If you manage a call center and you begin to run reports on how many calls are being made daily then it seems to be a simple report. Now let us assume that there are well over one hundred agents working under you. In the first week that you begin the report one of your agents has an incident where his vehicle has mechanical issues on the way to work, which causes him to miss a day. Well at the end of the week you are going to see a significant difference in the amount of calls handled by that agent than the others that were present for the duration of the work week. But, if you pull the same report three months from now then you will get a much more accurate depiction of reality. I hope I am making sense and not confusing you further.

In conclusion, we have to keep it all in perspective that what occurs in a matter of days, weeks, months, years, or even decades is nothing more than a small niche of time in the big picture of things.


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