Clothing hegemony and ominous obesity...

So this was in interesting evening. After an amazing church service kicking off the new series "The One Thing" with Vernon Wells being the guest, I proceeded upstairs to go to the Bible study as I have so many times before.  Only it was not happening tonight...LOL


I proceeded to try to find something to do; it seemed as though every one had something going on. I thought I would go eat. Well, as I was driving I thought I would go check out Nordstram Rack whereas I have been told on numerous occasions it is a great place to shop. Well, I discovered a couple of things...

First, I must have horrible fashion sense. The reason I say that is because I would not wear most of the things I saw in there. I guess I am too much of a simple man for "true fashion" HAHAHA
Secondly, I had been told it was cheap (or at least more inexpensive) well from the prices I saw it must be the equivalent of a ROSS or T.J. Maxx for Bill Gates and Donald Trump. Again, I guess I am too much a simple man for "current fashion". I could buy a weeks worth of clothing for what one outfit would cost me there. I have not traveled enough to know for sure, but are we alone as a nation when it comes to this? It seems a bit ridiculous to me.

With all that having been said (or written) I am not knocking those of you who like to dress up with more current fashion, I mean most of you do look good. Anyway...moving on.

Next, I went to dinner...dinner for one. The problem is that dinner for one here in America seems to be more like dinner for two. At some point, I am thinking back in the eighties; it became a competitive advantage to have larger portions than the competitor. Well, now we are a gluttonous and fat nation (generally speaking). LOL

I'm just sayin'.

OK off my soap box for now.


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