Talking, thinking, doing...

Are you a talker?
...or are you a thinker and a doer?

I think oftentimes we talk a lot about what others are doing and how great that is? I also believe that oftentimes we talk about what we are going to do and do not do it. You may feel led to go pray for someone for healing. Do you do it? I know recently I was talker...and that was all I did.

I can personally tell you of an instance where I was a talker and not a mover and shaker. Now with this being common in our society you may be asking what the big deal is. Well for me, at this time in my life I feel that I am to be going boldly out into the world to be a part of the walking revival that is taking place. What revival you ask? Well, if you know me personally that is all the more reason that I should be doing my part! I sincerely feel that I am being called to be much more bold in my life in reference to not only sharing the gospel, but simply showing Christ's love to everyone I come in contact with.

Just earlier this month I went on a mini road trip (thanks to a good friend of mine providing my fuel and meals). Well, the individuals with whom we were staying had an incident just one day prior to our arrival that caused the wife to be hospitalized. During a Messianic service I attended the Friday evening that I was to drive up there I received a word to pray over her for complete and total healing. I heard God, shared what I heard, even asked a member the altar team to cover me in prayer for the journey ahead. Later that evening I began the journey...Sunday afternoon I began the journey home.

You may be asking what happened in between. I can tell you that I did not take the opportunity I was provided (upon two trips to the hospital) to pray for healing for this wonderful daughter of God. Why you ask? Looking back I do not know why. Essentially it does not matter why. I was disobedient.

Why did I share this with you all? I suppose one aspect was public confession and the other part is to be transparent to anyone else reading this that has done the same thing. Do not beat yourself up. The past is the past. Move on, learn from it and let us go out into the world and share the love, grace, and mercy which have been extended to us.


Jules said…
Love this blog. Awesome! It gives me chills up my spine. I am amazed by what you are becoming. I love it, and love you!
ImNoBetterThanU said…
Thank you Jules! I appreciate any and all the support I can get :0)

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