Alterity is what I want...

What is the difference? ...between me and everyone else you know.

Many people that know me may answer that question by saying "nothing".

I wholly desire that everyone that knows me (and those that do not know me that I simply come in contact with) would answer the opposite.

I realize that there is but an interstice between my alterity and me being utterly familiar to those that encounter my presence in my life. That interstice is simply the difference between radical obedience and selective obedience. I want to be radically obedient at all times. Even if this radical obedience causes non believers to call me a Bible thumper or even if it causes my friends at church to call me a super-spiritual geek. None of this matters. Assiduous attention should be paid to our actions in life.

Jesus had asked that we consume Him; be preoccupied with Him day and night. That is what I want. I want to make a difference in this life. A difference in the life of my son Andrew, his mother (and her family), my family, my friends, my church, my community, and the world. This is all possible through radical obedience. The amazing transition in my life over the last two years is only possible by the amazing work of the Spirit residing in me. With that indwelling is the power invested in me! That power in vested in me will constantly work to change me from the inside out if I surrender myself to that power.

Here is something I heard from Matt Chandler that I would like to share:
"...there is a pursuit of Jesus Christ, a progressive sanctification that pulls us into the fullness of what He has for us until He calls us home and perfects us in all things." -Matt Chandler
Not sure about you, but I find that beautiful and encouraging. That progressive sanctification is what carries me onward knowing that I will continually become a better man through Him after seeing the positive changes over the last two years of my life. The freedom I experience today is only a sliver of what he designed me to experience.

"A man has to squeeze past the cross to get into hell." - Richard C. Halverson (1916-1995) U.S. Senate Chaplain


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