Postprandial somnolence...

     This was a post I had intended to write on Thanksgiving; whereas it ties in well with the relaxed, tiresome state we often feel after our Thanksgiving meal. Something we often experience in the physical after eating a meal, but I believe we also have to be careful to not fall into this state in our Spiritual lives as well.

     For example, 2011 is a year where I have been blessed to have been fed more Spiritually than any other time in my life. I attribute some of this to my desire to grow closer to our sweet Lord, but another contributing factor is the people I have been blessed to have in my life that have challenged me to grow even more. Additionally, my home church is adamant about equipping others to be properly armed to go into battle for the souls of those within our circle of influence. 

     By pressing in and allowing God to use me I have had a bigger impact on the world than I could have ever imagined. The stories I hear others tell me of how God impacted their lives through me is truly humbling. None of this could be done on my own because honestly I am as much a screw up as the next guy. But God has done an amazing work in me that allows me to hear Him clearly and through obedience and surrender to His will I have had a the honor of furthering His kingdom. 

     With all that being said I want to finish this year off with a bang and forcefully move forward into 2012. October and November were months where I faltered at times (more so than the prior nine months), but it has been a learning experience that I choose to use to draw me closer to God. I refuse to let postprandial somnolence set in from from my massive Spiritual meal I have enjoyed up to this point. If nothing else this post was written for accountability. So for those of you in my life I give you permission to do just that...hold me accountable. 


Amy Miller said…
Good analogy :)

I don't like the thought of getting spiritually lazy...though it is so easy to fall into.

You're a disciple, not a screw up.

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