I have fallen and I can get up...

     So I realize I have not posted in here in several months. Other than some poetry a few weeks back. I assure you it has not been out of a lack of desire. Writing is so therapeutic and and I enjoy sharing whereas I know God may choose to use my writing to impact someones soul in a positive manner. I also realize when I was posting more often I was in a rough season showing true transparency on here. Well, you will be happy to know a renewed season of hope and joy followed those posts.

     Now onto present day life. Over the better portion of the year 2011 I have felt fantastic. My ministry to youth has exploded in so many ways and the best part is it has been effortless on my part. By making proper choices and being obedient God has done all the work. I am also physically healthier than I have likely ever been in my life which is incredible considering my past of sexual immorality, drugs, and alcohol. I find the link between our Spirits, minds, and bodies much greater than our western culture style of thinking would like to allow. As I have grown Spiritually in my relationship with our God my emotions and physical wellness has benefited exponentially.

     Anyway, I digress. This brings me to the present day season I am in. One of struggle, but due to the last year of my life my faith is so much stronger that I refuse to allow myself to go back down the dark paths of my past. I stumbled and I stumbled hard, but fortunately God brought some amazing people into my life over the last few weeks. He has and is speaking to me through these individuals without them even being aware until I share with them.

     At this point I am ready to get back in the race and run with all I have. When I stumbled I took myself out and I have been licking my wounds and seeking comfort in areas other than those of the Lord. The good news is I know how much of a screw-up everyone in the Bible was (with exception of Jesus) and they were all used in mighty ways. All it took was surrender. Once surrendered to His will then run with all your might.

     Below is a video I saw this morning that nearly brought me to tears and the timing of me seeing this could not have been more perfect. I hope it speaks to you as well.


Amy Miller said…
The video, the message, and your transparency are all inspiring. I think the hardest part of the Christian walk is learning not to fall back on our comfort of choice when things get hard. Very timely - I was struggling in my own way when you wrote this. Thanks for the encouragement!

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