Verbal extrapolation...


     As many of you who know me can attest, an area where I could use some growth is the use of my words. Sure many of you may be thinking of how encouraging I am because those are the exact words I hear from many of you. But, there are those times where I still respond improperly, especially at work. The workplace may be where I struggle the most with this in dealing with such diverse personalities. Another area (where I am improving), but have likely done drastic damage in the past is with my family and others with which I have close relationships. Again I am aware and incredibly grateful to God for the immense growth I have experienced in this area over the last two to three years. With that being said it remains an area of focus where I choose to surrender to His will so He can further renew those broken areas of my life.

     I truly want to allow Him to do the work whereas I have tried in the past to correct these character flaws myself. In doing so I open the door for the enemy to come in and take me the other direction like the swing of a pendulum...withdrawal, silence, or empty words. I like the quote from the book 'Boundaries' " internal no nullifies an external yes." Just as God is more concerned with our hearts than outward compliance He also designed us to live that out in other relationships. Silence or empty words can do as much damage as harsh unloving words. This can leave the other individual feeling empty inside; especially in marriage. (I know I am not married and never have been, but the aforementioned is Biblical)

     I mean we are created in His image and if He spoke everything there is into existence do you not believe in the power of our words?

James 3:5 - 12


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