I killed a man...

DISOBEDIENCE! I seem to be in a season of struggling with this.

Why!? Why!?

     I know the consequences hurt not only myself but, my Spiritual walk and the Spiritual walk of others as well There is no sin that does not effect other individuals...especially murder.

     Now before you grab your phone to call the police to report me...there is no need. The ultimate judge...the one whom I murdered already knows. All sin is a result of disobedience and disobedience is what killed our King. He said it h\Himself.

19 Has not Moses given you the law? Yet none of you keeps the law. Why do you seek to kill me?" 

     Knowing this; one would think I would stop doing the very thing that caused my Lord's beard to be ripped out of His face. The shards of bone, clay, cacti settling deep within the flesh of His back only to be ripped out with brutal force. Need I go on? He suffered a brutal death and He did it all for the mistakes and errors I seem to continuously make.

     I realize this is a part of everyone's walk in this life. It still sucks when I make the same mistakes time and time again. Obedience should be simple.

     I will close this post with a request for prayer that I gain more strength, courage, and boldness to be obedient so I can hasten my time through this season of life. This season has caused my heart much pain and I yearn for it to end.


amy said…
Jeremy, I love that you are fighting to be all He called you to be, and I love that you present your brokenness for the Lord with such transparency. I am praying strength over you to pull back and heal, courage to break cycles of repetitive sin, and boldness to walk in the freedom He has already given you.

This is the original prophetic version of Misty Edwards singing "I Knew What I was Getting Into" - it's a little long but very powerful and cool. http://youtu.be/k_P7Ji93pVA
ImNoBetterThanU said…
Great song! I have not previuosly heard that particular version. Thank you for sharing.
Fedrick said…
Thank you for posting this. We all have our imperfections and areas we struggle with during our walk with Christ. I know I have many areas I can work on as well. I too shall pray for you and keep me in your prayers as well.

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