My big day in court...

     Why am I so stubborn?

     I approached the witness stand and began to tell my side of the story. The more I talk the more you would think I was the defendant rather than a witness. The trial went on for a lengthy time, so long in fact we eventually took recess for a lunch break. Upon return from lunch I got back on the witness stand where the attorney (whom I like to call the accuser) continued to barrage me with accusations. I continued to defend did this happen where I was converted from a witness to the defendant?

     It was a long and emotional day as one can imagine. Then to top things off at the end of the day the judge stated he was overruling everything I had said because he objected! WHAT! Are you kidding me?

     I am sure you can all relate with how frustrated I must have felt. Asking myself why I even had to spend an entire day at court. Feeling as though I had wasted an entire day of my life. Perhaps we all just need a shift of perspective...

     This big day in court is actually everyday of my life. The difference is how I spend each day. Will I spend my day defending myself from the accusations of the enemy or will I use my platform to stand and be a witness and a good representative of Jesus to those within my circle of influence.

     I once would have been the defendant, but Jesus (the mighty son of God) came to earth in human form and then sacrificed himself to pay the penalty of all my sin. As a result of this I am now made a witness. I should be bold and stand with confidence at the witness stand giving my testimony of how the blood of the Lamb of God rescued me from a miserable existence. With that comes a huge responsibility in that we must remain honest and transparent. We should not stand up there speaking at others about how they need to be and the behavior changes that need to be made in their lives. Instead we should humbly tell them of our own struggles and falls and especially our victories over areas of bondage in our lives, explaining to them that there is plenty of room at the foot of the cross for them as well. We also need to be confident and not even acknowledge the lies coming from the accuser and be sure to show others by example and teaching them the truth. God is the judge in the courtroom and he states "objection...overruled" to us when we try to defend ourselves from the lies of the enemy because He already paid the price.

     So tell me, are you going to remain in the place with a victim mentality as the defendant or are you going to submit and receive God's grace and mercy and step up to the witness stand and have a positive impact within your circle of influence?





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