LEGALISM: How thinly do you slice the apple?

     So earlier today as I was checking out my feed on Google+ I ran across someone using Matthew 6:3 - 4 to be what I felt was condemning to Christians for participating in the ice bucket challenge for ALS. It also had a link attached to a blog pointing out all the things the organization does to "violate Biblical ethics".

     Now I agree that it is good to educate others on practices that may not align with your values and belief system, but at the same time this challenge has raised a lot of awareness and I would bet raised millions of dollars for a disease I have had ties to in my past. There is no known cure and it always leads to death. Family members have to watch their loved ones deteriorate physically while their mental awareness remains intact. It is a horrible disease.

     I am sure not everyone will agree with my opinion on the matter, but I think we need to be careful of being so judgmental and unwilling to do business with or support businesses and organizations we feel "violate Biblical ethics". Below I have attached a photo from an article showing ten companies that control a massive amount of consumer goods. I would be willing to bet everyone of those ten companies supports and contributes to other businesses and organizations that "violate Biblical ethics". Now what I am not saying is that we should just go through life ignorant of the truth, but at some point we would have to disconnect from the grid and live off the land to live this perfect life of commerce that so many seem to desire Christians live.

     The same type of thing occurred a while back when someone was asking all Christians to boycott Starbucks. Now I do not frequent there, but only because I cannot justify spending two dollars on my cup of coffee when I have the convenience of a less than fifty cent cup of coffee from home.
Besides during off-peak hours they only have Pike available; who has time for a pour over? HAHAHA I digress...

     I think both of these actions could also be considered a violation of Biblical ethics. As Christians we are called to die to ourselves daily, take up our cross, and strive to live like Christ. I fail daily, but I keep trying. It is called progressive sanctification and we should progressively be getting better in areas we struggle in. Christ came not to condemn the world but to save the world, and He did this through love. So should we not do the same? ...LOVE...

     I realize we all have different callings and different burdens we carry so maybe you do boycott Starbucks or choose to not support a particular business/organization. However, we must keep in mind others have other burdens and other platforms to reach others. So maybe that other person should give to the business/organization with faith that their money is blessed and can and will make a positive difference. And maybe the other person should go to Starbucks everyday and love on the employees there spreading joy into their workplace. Maybe even paying for the drinks of the individual behind them or even just giving an encouraging word to the person they hold the door open for on the way out.

     My point is we are called to be in the world, but not of the world. So why not get in there and get our hands dirty shake things up!

     You can also watch this video below, go ahead and skip to 2:00 to avoid the nonsense and get right to the main point. YOu will see first hand what ALS does. So tell me this. If we (Christians) refuse to donate to help find a cure because of some violation of Biblical ethics, will this gentleman or his family likely accept or reject the love of Christ?



K Martin said…
Excellent! Love you son! Keep on preaching it!

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