Land of the Free...Home of the brave...

     So today on this Memorial Day of 2015 when we honor our fallen troops of past and the men and women currently serving our country to protect our freedom I felt led to open the blog, blow off the dust, and write a new post.

     Today I exercised my great freedom by participating in the Murph Challenge. I did not really have a strong desire to do so, but knowing all the sacrifices made by the aforementioned men and women I felt I could endure some suck in honor of them. More specifically Lt. Michael P. Murphy endured far more than I have in my entire life so it only felt right. His story can be read here.

     I can also say that as hectic a day as I have had, awakening at 5:30 this morning and just now getting to a point where I can sit an relax (now 5:25 pm) this was sincerely the most amazing and memorable Memorial Day I can remember in all of the 39 times I have revolved around the sun. Good exercise, good friends (see below), good food, and my Spirit is overflowing with love as a result. Life is good.

     We live in the greatest country in the world. I have friends that disagree and because of our freedom that have that is a great thing!

    With that being said, are you truly living in freedom? Freedom from anxiety. Freedom from betrayal? Freedom from debt? Freedom from failure? Freedom from fear? Freedom from indignity? Freedom from insecurity? Freedom from stress?

     I did not think so; and neither am I.

     Impossible you think? To live completely free from all of these things 100% of the time...I do not believe so. Not in this world we currently live in. But what is possible is to live more free than you currently are. I live exponentially more free now than I did several years ago, even last year.

     Many of our struggles are rooted within our will; the soul is the battleground and we are the service men and women fighting the everyday battle.

"The battle is over the will. Our will is one of the greatest gifts God has given to us. It is part of the soul. It can be influenced and controlled by the mind, the heart, our bodies and our spirits. We can control our will, or be controlled through our will." - Duncan Smith #consumedbylove
     Jesus came to earth, died, and rose again so we could have access to His true freedom. All you have to do is believe and accept His Lordship and you have access to an everlasting supply as stated in John 3:34 - 36.

     It is also important to live a life of humility. This too will help with much of what we are in bondage to as a result of others in our lives.

"You will get less offend-able the less you think of yourself. That is humility." - Alan Smith

     I do not have much more to share on this at the moment, I just felt led to put this out there. You can now exercise your free will to pursue this freedom. Unless you are complacent with where you are.


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