Disconcerting conversations and actions...

this post will be abnormal...just as I myself am.

Let me start with the subject line of a spam message I saw in my spam box before deleting them all. It read "Ola? My tits wait you here" Seriously? WTF does that mean?

...moving on...

Next is a conversation I overheard that I truly wish I had not. While I was awaiting a microwavable delight for munch yesterday I heard some employees within my company talking. The part of that conversation that I found so disturbing was this:
Female: "Yes, I am trying to lose weight in a serious way."
Male: "Oh yeah Halloween is coming."
Female: "Exactly, I have to lose 12 pounds before then!"

Again...WTF? I mean I personally (as a male) love any holiday where women like to dress in a provocative manner. But seriously? A diet program just for a slutty Halloween costume? I think I have heard it all now.

...moving on...

Now onto what I find the most difficult to comprehend. When the government and news channels repeatedly relay messages of moribund in relation to landfall of hurricane Ike...why are so many people not adhering to the mandatory evacuation? I realize that evacuating is expensive, a pain in the ass, and an overall nuisance. However, a home can be rebuilt...your life can not. Death is the end of it all. I know that oftentimes throughout history there are evacuations called for and then minimal damage. But have they not seen the radar and satellite images of Ike? These "brave" citizens are just loony in my book. Let me clarify, I know military, police, weather men & women have a job to do but regular citizens need to get the hell out of there. when phrases are used such as "leave or die" and "certain death" among others are used it is time to leave people. The sea wall that is in the Galveston area was built prior to 1904 after 6,000 - 8,000 were killed.

I suppose at this point all we can do is pray for those still in the area.

Thanks for reading just had to get that off my chest. Enjoy your weekend.


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