Dispirited region...

I feel like an addict and The Weather Channel is my drug. (For any confused individuals out there I am not making a joke, I have friends in the path of the destruction named Ike.) As the sun will rise today, there will be the daunting task of rescue efforts for those that did not heed the warning to leave prior to the arrival of this unforgiving storm. I am still amazed at the number of people that refused to leave their homes. I live more than 300 miles inland from where Ike made landfall and I am fearful of what we will encounter here in this area over the next 24 - 36 hours. Even being so far inland, flash flooding and squalls are imminent. I know that in the coming weeks there will be a number of mendicants in the region. (Not to sound like a broken record) but even being more than 300 miles inland I must admit that even I am concerned that there will be severe damage here once Ike arrives. I could even envision the tree in my front yard (at least what is left of it) to finally give way; and I can only hope and pray that it does not cause any destruction to the house. For anyone that has not followed the storm as closely as myself, the strength of the storm has been much more severe as the second wave has made landfall beyond the eye. There will be much intercessory prayer over the next few hours/days. I just hope to hear minimal numbers on the death toll.

UPDATE (6:37 AM CST): I just heard that people are calling in to agencies stating that there was a "weak warning" about Ike. SERIOUSLY? How much more warning can you provide to the residents in the path of such a destructive force other than "certain death" and "leave or die". What has this world come to that there is such a lack of accountability? It truly turns my stomach! It seems to be so common now that people will bitch and complain about consequences from their own actions (or lack thereof) yet never take responsibility for it. They want to blame everyone else. In my opinion that just shows how weak those individuals are if they are controlled by everything around them and for that I have no empathy. 


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