Decaffeinated kerfuffle...

Many Americans have a predilection to enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.

Well, those that work where I do are no different. However, due to working for a company that is a hybrid combination of two of the worst industries in our nation (at this juncture). They are doing all they can to cut costs whereas we are a sinking ship.

The best analogy out there would be in the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" film where Captain Jack Sparrow's ship was sinking and just before it went completely under he stepped off onto the dock. I am just hoping the dock draws near before the ship goes under so I can make it to dry land. Anyone that knows me well knows that swimming is not my strong suit! LOL

I digress...

Below I have attached portions of an email that we received at my place of employment two weeks ago. Quite amusing if you ask me.

"In a continued effort to minimize costs in 2009 we are looking at all areas of our building where we can save money... As a result of our partnership with [censored for discretion] we are pleased to announce that the cafeteria will offer you premium coffee...starting on March 23, 2009. We will also be adding a coffee vending machine in the building that will supply regular coffee, flavored coffee and hot chocolate at reduced prices.

Because of the ongoing cost, we will no longer be supporting the complimentary coffee service throughout the building.

We appreciate your support as we move forward to save costs in 2009."

Ironically, just over a week later this appeared in Dilbert. I found it fitting and comical..HAHA


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