Siren Lucidity...

This will be another one of my dream entries....I will do my best to provide as much of it as I can remember. 

I was the second vehicle in the caravan we had going to dinner. Not sure who all else was going but there was several cars in our caravan. As we approached our destination there was a spiral ramp (like at a parking garage) leading up the parking lot. 

The vehicle in front of me turned sharply which struck me as odd. A split second later I see a NRH police car rapidly approaching me head on (going the wrong direction I might add). I swerve to miss them and do luckily. as I look in my rear view mirror I see the car blast through the wall and over the side. 

As odd as it was I continued up the ramp to my parking space. Our group all came up, parked, and we were waiting for our table. I am not sure if anyone else in my group was aware of what happened whereas everyone was simply making small talk as we waited. I kept looking over to where the crowd was gathering looking over at where this tragic event occurred. From what i remember it looked as though the driver was in uniform, there was a second individual in the passenger seat, and a third (also in uniform) riding in the back.  

I finally went over to see the result of this. the vehicle had plummeted into water. Once in the restaurant you could go down to the lower level and see through the glass wall into this area. What was strange is that the water did not slow the fall enough for the car to sit on the bottom. It has actually gone all the way through the floor. However, none of the water was draining out?! 

They then did a quick fix patch job on the floor with plywood and lattice. Then several senior citizens arrive for an underwater cardio class. One kept getting her foot caught in the lattice and I thought she going to fall through. 

I saw another officer and asked if the patrol car had been stolen or not. He advised me that he had not heard anything and then replied with a question, asking me if I thought the driver had been doing meth

I woke up before I could read the paper (LOL) and find out exactly what had happened. 

I am not sure what the meaning of this is but my dreams continue to be even more odd than my daily
I think you should all pray for me...LOL


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