Fighting off a lackadaisical spirit...

If we took the time to sit and count our blessings; just how long would that take us? 

It would take hours...possibly even days. You disagree? Well you should try it. You have life, family, friends, your computer and Internet connection you are using to read this, the power used to power that computer, talents, skills (like the ability to read you are currently using)...get the picture? 

I challenge you all to begin that list. You will not complete it in one sitting but at least initiate the process. Next, I would like for you to rate some of those blessings. Now take the top five (or more) and when you wake up in the morning be grateful for those things. Thank God for those blessings (or just be grateful if a non-believer). You will be amazed at how your day will start off on a positive track. If you make this a habit you will find that you will begin to be more grateful on a more consistent basis throughout each and every day. 

Then as you begin to share your blessings with others you will become infectious with that positive attitude you carry. It is truly an amazing thing. 

As time goes by ask yourself this...are you hopeful, optimistic, and encouraging? Do you associate with like-minded people? Human emotions are truly contagious. If you hold these positive traits you will begin to attract the same. However, if you go into groups that are naysayers and pessimistic trying to "make a positive difference" you had better be VERY strong. Otherwise your attitude will soon, like those around you, become cynical and negative. 

So let us all begin to be grateful for what we do have and encourage and support those we are in contact with. This as most of what I write about is not easy. I never claim any of it to be so. With that being said, is anything worth having really easy? 

Now you decide. 


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