Our progeny deserve the best...

in these times we must work even harder than before. You have to think in ancient times our influence on our children was much stronger. Immense amounts of media outlets including the internet has created so much more that influences the lives of our children that it is of the utmost importance for us to focus more on our influence. Our children are so malleable and yet so many individuals let their children be influenced by whatever it is out there while they do their own thing. I am fortunate enough that the mother of my son has not faltered in her role as a parent. 

I believe a lot of what has caused the nation to get where we are is not a result of the war or the credit/mortgage crisis. But rather years of neglect of our domestic education system and the faltering of assistance to American citizens. Additionally, parenting in and of itself has caused lots of issues in our society as well. We have stepped away from the fundamentals that made this nation great. Does anyone else find it strange that education has had minimal exposure throughout the lengthy campaign for this presidental election? I have not been watching as much lately but I have not heard that word come out of either candidates mouth in recent weeks. I am disappointed, and find it to be inscrutable that this is not a bigger issue. we spend millions (probably even billions) to educate people in other countries; yet our own state of Mississippi has one of the lowest literacy rates of any progressive nation in the world. Michigan is quickly gaining ground to be a leader in unemployment and is quickly becoming an economic disaster for many.

Do not get me wrong, I am not anti-philanthropy. But at what point will we shift our focus back our domestic issues rather than continue to go to everyones aide while the state of our own nation continues to deteriate?

I digress...I am probably not making sense and to be honest as of late I do not understand myself. Just as this entry in my blog jumped around my thoughts have been doing this for weeks now so I hope you cold follow this. 

Back to what triggered me to write this entry after an emotional ride this video took me on I wanted to share it with all of you and ask you to share it with every father you know. 


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