Uncertainty and consequences...

The uncertainty references the next few months of my life. Since recently discovering I have a son I have done much to change my lifestyle and everything in an attempt to be with him in whatever way possible. Meeting my son a couple of weeks ago was truly an amazing experience and went perfectly (obvoiusly excluding having missed out on the previous time in his life and then having to leave). The time we got together was spent blithely going along with no regard to time. I feel I greatly utilized the time there from when I stepped off the plane until I had to be dropped off at the airport the best I could. Now life has taken a huge turn....emotionally this has been difficult (MUCH more difficult than I could have expected). Obviously I am not omniscient in any sense of the word I now feel that I have to be so careful in everything I do whereas the consequences to my actions can greatly impact my son as well. It has absolutely even further changed the way I go about things on a daily basis. 

That is really all I have for now...as you can see I have not been writing as of late and even my previous two posts sucked and to be honest I disagree with. If I read them in someone elses blog I would never return...lol. (I meant that last statement). 


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