Guilty of obfuscation...

many have implied or flat out stated Google is. Is it because they track a lifelong record of every search query each of its users had made, also including the IP address the query was executed from and a cookie ID to link together queries from a user's computer even if the IP address changes?  I realize that they have an inordinately large amount of information stored on individuals web surfing habits; but this is all public knowledge and is explained in Google's privacy policy

Additionally, you are notified any time you install something like Google desktop, Picasa, latitude, Grand Central, etc. They are not trying to be secretive about it. 

There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there about the what they intend to use the information for...or why? Is it to ingratiate themselves with the governments of the world when information is needed? Is it simply to get into our mind so they can send us the advertising ads with the most relevance to us? Both seem logically possible and yet that of being theoretical all at the same time. 

Regardless of their intentions I am a fan and a huge advocate of Google and all of their services. That is why I want to introduce the following new initiative the my four regular readers (and anyone else that comes across this...LOL). 

Introducing Google powermeter! At this time I believe it is only available for the employees of Google currently testing it out. But think about the positive impact this could have on individuals expenses as well as the carbon footprint we as a nation put forth currently. IN fact if I still lived in the DC area I would happily attend the Plug into the Smart Grid event! 

That I really all I have for the world today! I hope that this is available for me someday in the near future. I will absolutely utilize the service to save myself some money as well as reduce my energy consumption. 

P.S. - Do not forget to install the Google Energy Saver Gadget on your computer to adjust your computers power settings to save the worlds energy as well. 

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