Surreptitiously observing the workforce...

I sit back and watch. It pains me at times but I know that life is full of tests and one thing that only we control of ourselves is our integrity. I also know that trust, whereas it takes time to build, can be completely taken away and removed in seconds. That is why I continue to be "that guy" at work. You know the guy many people talk about and call a brown noser? Why do they call me that?

I can tell you why. Because, I do what I am paid to do. I show up to work on time. I actually work while I am there. I do not take excessive breaks, lunches, or meaningless trips to the printer/copy machine. I do not take personal calls (nor give out my work number). I do not email on personal matters at work. Nor, do I surf the net while at work. 
...and this all makes me some sort of a freaky nerd? Tell you what I will gladly accept that label. 

One thing that consistently shows at EVERY place I have ever been employed is that my performance and results are among the leaders every time. I can go home every day knowing that no one can look at me and my actions and state that my work day was just a subterfuge. You get what you see when it comes to my work. 

What is frustrating is seeing so many individuals in the work force that lack true work ethic and are essentially "equals" in the work force. Is it possible that this is all envisaged by myself? I suppose it is possible but, I see and hear people complaining about the most insignificant things on a daily basis. Their pejorative behaviour seems to be contagious as well as you watch it spread through a work place like a wild fire. I often times become enervated with it all. 


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