Disingenuous promises...

I find it amazing how common an occurrence it is in our society today to have individuals promise to let go of the past and "start over". These same individual then stridently do the exact opposite. 

In fact, I do not just see it with individuals today but also spreading into our corporate world. Look at all of these companies wanting a bailout. How do we expect these organizations to ever change if they are "bailed out"? 

How do we ever expect them to truly change their business practices unless you let them fail and then be forced to restructure? Not to say that it is not possible to make the necessary changes for survival without a helping hand...but seriously....is that what we are seeing?

IAG being caught on two different occasions at resorts holding so-called restructuring conferences where they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in one weekend. You have banks getting billions in bail-out money then laying off thousands of employees, just to turn around and purchase other companies in the industry. Then the latest we have is CitiGroup spending $50 million to purchase a private jet that seats twelve! Am I the only one pissed off about this?

John Maxwell once said, "You will never change your life until you change something you do daily." 

We are humans..the most intelligent species on the planet. Should we not be challenged to grow every day that we are here on earth? Now I will be the first to say I can work on this concept myself. However, can we continue to let people in our lives and businesses in our society to do the opposite and rely on the rest of us to protect them? 

We all need to change that something we do daily for the better and then get passionate about what we do. Another great man named John Wesley once said, "Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn." That is so true! I have witnessed it myself, with me being the one burning with passion and enthusiasm. It is an amazing thing. 

Well, just on a tear and trying to get back in mode of posting here regualrly. Had to write about something...lol I hope everyone is having a great 2009 thus far. 


threepitas said…
Truly impressive! You should really get into writing Jeremy!

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