The end of repugnant cookies...

I felt that this post was necessary today whereas today is Data Privacy Day 2009!!!

I know that over the last several years the fact that Google tracks your every move down to the day you cut yor toenails has been the cause of much contrvoersy. Well for those of you that feel you have something to hide the answer has arrived. Now there is a search engine that will truly anonymize your search results. It is a (not so) new Netherlands-based search engine named ixquick. Just for the sake of full disclosure: The Dutch search engine does actually use two cookies, but one expires after 90 days and the other expires at the end of each search session.

Otherwise if you are a huge Google advocate you can download Google Chrome which is their web browser. You would then hit 'Ctrl+Shift+N' and it will open what they call an Incognito Window. 

Wither of these options can come to be very useful if you need a stealth mode. For example, if youa re planning that dream vaction for Valentines Day. Or, if you are moving out of the country to avoid paying a speeding (Poor reasoning I know...I am in a funky mood at the moment.) Either of these options will not store data of the websites you were at and both options will delete any (and all) cookies upon closing out the window. 


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