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I think that when people call in to an organization for assistance in reference to a matter; they instantly assume that the person that answered the phone is the cause of all their problems in life. Sure it is a major pain to call in using your valuable time, sit on hold, and then have to explain your entire story to the representative that is there to assist you.  However, you should not scream, yell, cuss, and/or argue with the aforementioned individual there to assist you. Keep in mind, that that individual is a consumer just as well and has likely experienced the same issues that you are dealing with. Additionally, it is possible that this individual has likely never (I repeat NEVER) heard of you, seen your account, or even had the slightest knowledge of your existence prior to answering your phone call. 

I would also bet my annual salary that there is a 90% (probably higher) chance that the person at which you are dealing out incomprehensible amounts of hate and anger had nothing to do with the issue that you are having with that said product or service. Some that read this may say, "Hey you are customer service it is your job." WRONG pal! As human beings we should ALL be kind and respectful to one another. Typically the person you are speaking with on the other line is paid a minimal amount for their services anyway. 

You also want to get pissy and angry with someone in India (or any other country) trying to assist you. Look, I understand the frustration with our jobs moving to other countries; oftentimes not being able to fully understand what that person is saying and a communication barrier where they do not understand anything we mention outside of their script...just to name a couple. I get that. 

But, with that being said...it is no wonder some individuals in other nations hate us...look at the perception they must have and the "word of mouth" that would be spread. 

P.S. - One more thing...what I have found to be true in most aspects of life over the last few years is that people are not willing to be accountable for their own actions. For example, someone gets their vehicle repossessed. They call up and scream and yell and blame the company. Well, YOU are the one that did not make your payments as agreed upon within the terms of your contract. These companies also do not go out and repossess your car after being just a few days late. You are either a repeat offender and/or you are VERY past due. Some arguments are as follows: "No one ever contacted me." - well you should have contacted the company with updated contact information when you moved and/or changed your number. "I lost my job." - that is truly unfortunate but when income stops for a business, as it does when people stop paying their bills, they too can go out of business (or file bankruptcy) and then be out of jobs. "I did not know the terms of my contract." - ummmm really? You should read documents you sing. If you choose not to (as most individuals do) then do not use it as an excuse. 

OK I am done ranting...I hope you all learned something...lol

P.S.S - OK I am not done. I want to be sure that everyone that reads this understands that I have been the person yelling at the representative in the past so I feel I can rightfully write this whereas I have been on both sides. I was simply taking my anger for other issues in life out on some poor unknowing individual. 

I would also like to add that I have had a vehicle repossessed in my past. Only I knew it was MY fault and not the credit company's so I had to suck it up. This occurred at a time after I had realized I am accountable for my own actions so no one there got yelled at! LOL


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