The apogee of life...

I sincerely believe that I have reached my apogee in life and can worry less about my future. Of course there will be plenty of disasters, road blocks, speed bumps, flat tires, etc. all along the way but I have truly pulled myself together enough to feel that I am now heading in the right direction. I mean they say we go full circle right? Ashes to ashes; dust to dust. So it seems logical to have an analogy of life as an orbit. At least to me it does. That is really all I have for now; I realize it was vague and possibly meaningless to some of you but it is where I am right now. With that all being said I by no means feel I am now on easy street. I have a job I do not like, I am in my 30's living with my mother, and college (among other things) has provided me with an immense amount of debt. But now that I am past the apogee things are looking bright.


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