Injurious lack of support for alternatives...

Here is some food for thought.

Now I already know some responses will be with everything negative or why it will not work. Well let me ask you this...
Additionally, I can already hear the corn argument about how it takes away from the dinner table..and you know what you are right. But we could easily use switchgrass. If you do not know much about switchgrass, I would highly encourage you do to some research on it.

Have you found the perfect plan? I did not think so. Why? Because "the perfect plan" does not exist. Now let us stop arguing and being part of th problem and let us begin to be part of the solution as a few of the regulars to this thread are and have been doing for quite some time now. I also want to know how many of you that will read this have ever contacted your congressman?

In the meantime we continue to send this nations riches to other countries and be their slave (in a sense of the word).

Did you know that Henry Ford's Model T (1908 - 1927) was the first flex fuel vehicle ever produced? The carburetor was specially designed so that the settings could be adjusted so the engine could run on either alcohol or gasoline. Why did this stop in 1927? Because of cheaper alternatives (oil and gas). Well, that is no longer the case.

Our government needs to have funding and subsidies put into place to assist the research and development of these alternatives. (Not to mention education which would have a positive lasting impact on everything in this nation over time.)

WOAH! I will step off my soapbox for now. This post will likely confuse some anyway the way I jumped around. But the brain works exponentially faster than my fingers.

P.S. - Not sure where this all came


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