Antiquated joy...oxymoron? Absolutely!

I often times hear friends, family, colleagues, etc. all complaining about how bad life is and that "back in the day" they were happy. I used to have this same mindset. But, is it not true that we are the only ones that have the power to choose our attitude and emotions? We are in control whether you realize it or not. We can not continue to blame our poor management, or the abusive ex, or even the idiot on the road in front of us. WE...I repeat WE choose how we react to every situation in life. Am I sitting here telling you that it is easy? HELL NO! It is one of the most difficult things in life. That is why you will hear individuals say suicide is the easy way is the hard part. Life is meant to be a challenge. If we we are not challenged on a daily basis would we not become stagnant in our development?
So joy, happiness, and all other goodness is ours to have. It is a fact that we may experience trials and tribulations in life...we may wind up homeless or unemployed and have to sell off everything we own. But you know what? You would still be alive. So instead of sulking and being depressed about our situation we need to be proactive in how we are going to pull ourselves out of it.

I would love to continue but I must get ready for work. I hope you all have blessed day!


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