Perseverance, Patience, and dealing with adversity...

is a difficult thing. The key is not letting those difficulties become pervasive; which I myself have difficulty in that department. Is it normal? Am I weak? Who knows.

Many of you that know me; know that I am an optimist and usually very cheery. The problem with being like I am is that when I do have a bad/tough day it can be severely misconstrued by those I come in contact with. They may feel I am ignoring them, I am angry with them, or whatever else the minds of individuals can create.

But through it all I have God and my son to keep me going! And his mother has been absolutely amazing through this all and it will not be long before we can all be closer and show Andrew what family is and should be.


Karin's Korner said…
What a beautiful son you have. I came over to LAUGH OUT LOUD about the comment you left on my blog, started looking around and saw that what you call Home Groups at your church, we call them Life Groups and I have to say...I LOVE LIFE GROUP. For us it is somewhere between 8 and 12 people who get together once a week to watch a eaching video (my favorite is anything by Andy Stanley) or worship together, it is wonderful. I think I may stick around and see what you have to write. I have to admit, I am not a faithful blogger but when I think I have something to share, I put it out there. Have a great day!!

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