Anthropomorphic beings...

How many of you want to be representatives with human attributes and characteristics; or to be anthropomorphic? I would guess most of you would be content with that. Now let me ask you many of you want to be representatives with Christlike attributes and characteristics? Whether you are a Christian or not, I believe most people still view Jesus as having been a good person and someone we could all aspire to be. 

The great news here is that once we come into agreement with the gospel and give over our lives to Him we are made new and can move beyond an anthropomorphic life. It is clearly stated in Galatians 5:24.

With that being said I do not want to sit here and tell you that once you accept Jesus as your personal Saviour that all your sinful thoughts just vanish like dust int he wind. Now in some cases that has happened, but more often than not you will continue to struggle. You may win the battle repeatedly for days, weeks, or months. However, temptation will be there. In fact the longer you lived in sin the longer it will take to reprogram your thoughts and actions. (Again there are exceptions to this, but I want to encourage those that struggle to not give up). 

For example, if you lived a life in the porn industry (or even as a stripper) for any extended period of time then not only did you allow toxic thoughts to enter your mind you committed physical actions that were toxic as well. The enemy will use those against you. 

Now we can use this time as we enter into a new year start fresh. Now I know that our God is eternal and so our calendar year is minuscule to Him, but it can still be a time when decide to surrender to Him and let all the past go. God does not want us looking back, we need to continually be moving forward. Throughout most aspects of life, things that are not growing are dying. So are you growing?


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