Goodnight cruel world...

The title of this post was a "status update" I posted last night on Facebook prior to going to bed. Due to a couple of comments, text messages, and emails that were sent in response to that status update I realized that it was phrased in a way which was easily misconstrued and perceived incorrectly by some. The Lord really spoke to me through this reiterating something He has been speaking to me over the last few weeks.


Have you ever noticed how many ways in which our perception is skewed? For example, look at your reflection in the water. Needless to say you would not be winning any beauty pageants if that were how you truly looked and if the world perceived you in this way every time you walked out into public. Another example using water would be when you stick an object partially in the water and keeping the rest of it out...what do you see? It looks as though the object is broken. Keeping with the previous theme of reflections how about when you look at your reflection in a window? You see yourself, yet you can see beyond yourself into the window and what is on the other side. To continue on the topic of seeing through things (or the lack thereof) how about when you are trying to see through an incredibly dense fog? I am talking about a fog with the density that your vision is decreased to that of two feet in front of you. Would you agree that it does not change what is in front of you yet you can not see anything beyond that two feet? Those (static) objects are still there just not visible.

Now those are only four examples out of millions that I am sure could be collected with input from everyone. So if our perception of things can be that skewed in the physical realm in which we live our daily lives and are surrounded by tangible objects then how much more is our perception skewed in that of the spiritual realm (or things unseen)?

I think this is very important for us to meditate on (if you are not a spiritual person them marinate in it). Seriously...whether you stop reading at this moment to do so or it is something you focus on for the next few hours, days, weeks, etc. I think it is very important that we allow ourselves to become more aware of this aspect of life and the fact that we can not grasp the concept fully and how it can be the root of confusion. We can however do our part to grow in this area so we (even if minimally) have a better understanding and a more clear perspective.

Regardless of your current circumstances just know that there is more going on than what we see and experience in the physical realm. If you woke up this morning then you have plenty to be grateful for whereas you are breathing. You have the choice to spend today acting as though you are a victim or living in the freedom of knowing you are a victor!


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