Who I have become...

The title of this post is such a common phrase used in our society. Yet I believe that it is used out of context
most of the time. We (myself included) make that statement as though we have transformed into this new person and progressed beyond whatever bondage, oppression, and sin was previously in our lives. It implies that we ourselves have done something positive in our own effort to get past all the junk from our past and be a better person.

This is all wrong!

It should not be "who I have become" but rather "becoming who I am".

Although it is a process that we must go through it is more about us experiencing healing in our lives (physical, emotional, mental, etc.) that leads to the progressive sanctification of becoming who God intended us to be all along. The person He had in mind when he so carefully designed us down to every minute detail. It is truly about total surrender and submission to His will. 

We live in a fallen world. We make mistakes. Circumstances can wear on us. The weight of this fallen world can seem to hold us down. We become someone we are not designed to be. 

Now which will you proclaim from this day forward? 
"Look who I have become." (Pride)
"Look I am becoming who I am!" (Submission)


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