Stop the ride I want off!

I have to be honest. Even with the posts I have written this year in trying to encourage you all in so many ways I wanted off the ride of life this morning. No I do not mean suicide; I just wanted to get off and stand static on solid ground, going no where. Life can be rough, it can be a scary ride.

The reality is that getting off the ride would help nothing. If anything it would prolong (or completely eliminate) any growth, learning, momentum, moving forward, etc. Eventually I would have to get back on the ride and I would be right where I was when I got off. We have a choice to react or to respond and the choices we make are directly correlated to how our relationship with God will develop. It is important for us to keep our faith through seasons of struggling.
"Our faith is in direct proportion to the absence of fear in our lives. Where fears begins, faith ends. Where there is faith there is no fear." -Marvin Yakos
In the past I would allow fear to gain control and attempt to run from these problems. By run I mean I would medicate with drugs, alcohol, or sexual immorality in an attempt to feel better and forget about these trials. None of that got me anywhere. Did I feel better? I thought so, but I can look back now and see how I was constantly increasing the pain and suffering.

It was so minuscule in doing so little at a time that I was unaware of it. For example, if you go out every morning and look at the tire on your vehicle you will not notice a difference (barring some major event like a nail in the tire, ramming it into a curb, etc.). Yet if you look at the tire (or even take a picture) then go back after a year or 15,000 miles of use you will see a significant difference. That is the same way I was eating away at my life by "medicating" myself. It was not noticeable in daily living, but after several years of doing so and looking back I wondered how I got where I was.

That is really all I have for this evening. Feel free to think about this and you may want to read the following scripture and study it with a study Bible and/or a commentary. It is DEEP!

2 Peter 1:3 - 11

"Actions in heaven begin when someone who prays on earth. " - Max Lucado

"If all you ever do is tear down and you don't build up everyone ends up homeless." - Matt Chandler


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