Ephemeral purity...

     Are you an individual who goes to a Joyce Meyer conference, your church's annual men's or women's conference, or a retreat of some kind and get all fired up for Jesus? You walk out ready to be the light you are called to be in this world of darkness? How long does that zeal last?
     Carrying the light of life it an absolute honor! We should be proud about being given the opportunity to be a witness to others. I know there was a time in my life when I believed I needed to preach the gospel to everyone around me and live this perfect, righteous life! Well, that is exactly how we may just push others further away from being a follower of Christ. Others then see us only as judgmental hypocrites. When we behave in these ways we cannot expect to be commiserated by others when they see us mess up. We are commanded only to love others; when we do this in a Godly way then our actions alone do all the preaching anyone needs.
     What really matters...actually the only thing that matters is the condition of our hearts. We can externally play the part all day long. Going to church, serving the community, "loving" others...but, what is going on in your heart?
     Jesus told us that by simply by believing in Him, out of our hearts "...will flow rivers of living water...". Jesus said this so it is truth. If Jesus is the source then we know it brings forth pure, life giving water. However, have you thought about what happens when it goes through our hearts? For example, imagine a fountain you create in your back yard that flows down a hill to a pond. Although the water may be fresh and clean coming from the source, if there is trash and garbage in its path to the pond then the water will be contaminated when it reaches the pond. The result will be a dingy, stinky pool of filth that wold deter anyone from wanting to be around the pond much less partake of any fun involving the water within.
    So let me ask you this. What does the river of living waters look like to others once it has been filtered through your heart?


ImNoBetterThanU said…
Thank you! And thank you for reading.
Amy said…
I recently heard an old sermon from Pastor Morris, talking about the leper who came up and actually grabbed Jesus, which would have traditionally rendered Jesus "unclean". Morris stressed that the unclean couldn't make Jesus unclean - He made the unclean CLEAN. I know from experience that His living waters purify any filtering system they are allowed to touch, but it's sometimes hard to let Him in all the places that are full of filthy garbage. His waters have cleansed my heart, purified every place I have invited Him, and continue to splash out on everyone around me. I praise God for His healing merciful waters, and I thank you for reminding me...you've inspired another blog. :)

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