Wounded Warrior...

     So I had been believing lies of the enemy for several weeks...maybe months. I felt as though I had digressed Spiritually and was "starting over". LIES LIES I tell you. Do not believe this (as I did) regardless of what you have done. I am created in His image and I am still the same warrior for Christ I was when I was peaking in my Spiritual journey last year!

     If a soldier goes through all the training and becomes elite to the point of being Delta Force he is an intricately trained warrior. Now, when out in battle if he makes a mistake and gets injured he is no less the trained killer he was prior to the incident. He may have a limp, soreness, etc. However, he is still an elite soldier trained and knowledgeable in the ways of war.

     The same goes for us. Confess, repent, and get back into the battle. The longer we wallow in the error of our ways from the past the longer we give then enemy victory. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy our purpose for God. Satan wants nothing more than for us to lie injured and helpless. The truth of the matter is the victory was won on the cross and nothing the enemy can do can hold us down. I am back on my journey and it feels great. I am also digging in to become even further equipped. I feel better physically and Spiritually than I have since last September or October.

    So just know this. It is OK to be a wounded warrior and it does not make you any less valuable. In fact Jesus took more wounds than anyone to ever walk this earth and He is still fighting the battle. I do not know about you, but my mission in life is to grow to be more like Him every chance I get so I will press on into the battle.


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