Heterogeneous to homogeneous...

     So I was born into sin...so were you. We began life as heterogeneous beings, we were lost. Then Jesus came to this earth in the most vulnerable way possible...as a baby. Humbling to me...if you really think about that rather than just reading it as a story a book. The fear Mary must have had in telling her fiance, her parents, her friends when she was pregnant. It was even less accepted then, than it is today. The worry or doubt when she was going into labor and there were no rooms available. Those are only two instances of more than nine full months of Mary's young life. ...and who knows, maybe God gave her immeasurable peace through it all I just know Mary was human just like you and I. Regardless, the work Jesus did here on earth and more importantly on the cross, allows us to become homogeneous beings!
"We open the Spiritual womb of God when we give our hearts to Him and then we are born again." - Pastor Geoffrey Cohen
     This is the beginning of the progressive sanctification process. We are all messed up, but as we continue our journey in running to God we become less and less messed up as we go. Yet we will make mistakes along the way, some bigger than others. The great news is our God is...well...He is God. His grace and mercy are never ending. The sacrosanct love of our God is beyond what or physical minds can comprehend. For this I am grateful. We tend to humanize God but He is bigger than that.

     Look at Jonah...he really messed up by wholeheartedly running from God and His commandment. Jonah had a specific calling and he literally ran the opposite direction. Yet God did not remove the anointing on Jonah's life. Look in Jonah 3:1, the word of the Lord came to Jonah again. This time he obeyed the Lord God and look at Jonah 3:5-10. We see a revival in an entire city.

     Just know as a homogeneous being you can pick yourself up and get back in the game. This was but a major paraphrase of an amazing message I heard this evening; which you can hear in a couple of days once posted online here.


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